Silverstone is the most ridiculous building in the world

There is a spectre hanging over Sussex. The spectre of Silverstone.

It’s time to accept it, Wetherspoons is the best pub

“Where do ya wanna meet?” “Spoons”

Dear lecturers, stop moving onto the next slide before I’ve finished my notes

My fingers just can’t keep up

Why boycotting the NSS is our last chance to fight rising tuition fees

“Even Umbridge wouldn’t up the fees”

The i360 wasn’t as bad as I thought

It still looks vile, but it’s not all bad

Why Revs Beaconsfield should be crowned the UK’s most tragic hometown club

South Bucks’ favourite mixing place of the young and beautiful

My parents are having the time of their life now I’m at uni

I guess we both are now

Seminar ice breakers are awful and should be banned

“Hi, I’m Ollie, and today I had a big bowl of disappointment”

Is Brighton not good enough for the Coca-Cola truck?

Why visit Eastbourne but not Brighton?

A French perspective on Calais

The jungle camps have existed for much longer than you think

Catcalling is the most attractive thing a man can do

Nothing makes a woman feel better than hearing ‘oi oi sexy’ being shouted out of an old Corsa

Why am I paying £9,000 for a foundation year that I didn’t want to do?

It’s not a beneficial use of my time

It’s time someone said it – Brighton Beach is overrated

Let’s face it, our beach just isn’t up to scratch

Veganism is great but it’s ruined by the vegans

‘Go vegan!’ they cry, much to your dismay.

The Co-op is by far the worst thing on campus

It’s bascially an unnecessary evil

The i360 has ruined Brighton

It’s so ugly

Sussex’s top 200 spot is particularly bittersweet this year

At least we still beat Brighton, right?

Why has a convicted assailant been allowed to keep his job?

Sussex University has gone against all its promises to keep campus safe

Why does anyone bother studying Philosophy instead of Politics?

Politics is basically the same as Philosophy, but better