The culprit was found hiding by the canal

A bungling thief who attempted to steal a bike on Leeds University grounds last Thursday has been caught.

The male was tracked down by police after stealing a police capture bike designed to detect and follow potential thieves.


PC Matt Guy, of the West Yorkshire police, followed the thief on bike, chasing him all the way down to the canal where he was found hiding.

The incident was live-streamed by Guy in a series of tweets:

It’s not yet confirmed how many bikes were stolen over the course of the past twelve months or how many were recovered.

West Yorkshire police were unable to provide a full statement at this time.


  • Joe Middleton

    These cheap flat pack blocks of student flats will be eye sores in a decade or two

  • dfdf

    If the students didn’t come to liverpool, they’d soon miss us and the graduates the high retention rate provides.

    • Joe

      It’s not the number of students people are objecting to, it’s the way liverpiol landmarks are being knocked down to build cheap generic student flats everywhere.

      • dfdf

        Fairplay, I stand corrected.

  • Scouse student

    It’s very true, many are worried the city is losing it’s character, uniqueness and heritage that many loved. Pub after pub is getting taken down and turned into generic student flats, and now the Kazimier and Nation may go, it’d be awful for the city if this happens.

    There has to be a balance

  • odlid

    Its not the amount of students that are the problem, its the amount of flats being built. Most the people from my city don’t want to see it to just consist of student accommodation, most of which will probably be empty if they’re continued to be built at this rate.

  • Bob Mcloy

    You state that the Odeon on London road is at risk at being converted. That might be a bit hard since it got knocked down a couple of years ago. Poor journalism