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Third week’s the charm: Clubbers of the Week

Uni doesn’t really start until November anyway

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The inspirational grads helping to keep you warm this winter

‘I wanted to work somewhere which wasn’t an easy ride’

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What’s the maddest thing that happened to you in Freshers?

There’s always one kid who ends up in hospital after Hive

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Missing third year geologist found safe and well

Milo Trainor-Moss was missing for over two days

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Third year Edinburgh Geologist missing

Milo Trainor-Moss has not been seen since Thursday morning

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I went on a Tinder date with my tutor and he was a massive creep

He said: ‘Don’t all english girls wear short skirts?’

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4channer threatens Edinburgh copycat shooting after Oregon massacre

There is nothing to suggest the threat is genuine

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Callous EUSA hike prices of VKs and Snakebites by 25 per cent

Just months after Strawpedo-gate