I’ve spent my year abroad saving animals in South America and you should too

From releasing sloths into the Amazon jungle, to patrolling a tropical beach at 3am looking for turtles, my year abroad is better than what ever placement or Erasmus exchange you’re doing.

Dogs of the Meadows

The only important story on campus

Riot vans arrive at Edinburgh club launch: what really happened

“Someone shouted ‘let’s just rush it,’ and everyone charged at the door.”

Edinburgh now has a society dedicated solely to drinking Gin

It’s been a long time coming

Big Narstie is performing in Edinburgh on Monday

But will he do an Uncle Pain episode?

Who are the worst estate agents in Edinburgh?

Vote for whoever has screwed you and your flatmates over

Edinburgh named ‘friendliest’ city in Scotland

We came fourth in the whole UK

Silk to close down and be replaced by student accommodation

It’s part of a massive transformation of King’s Stables Road

The smear test age is going up in Scotland – here’s everything you need to know

Instead of being able to get a test at 20, you now have to be 25

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Don’t hate us cos you ain’t us

Hallelujah! You can now buy pre-sale tickets for the Big Cheese

Dreams can come true

‘I need to be at a uni that wants me to be there’: Why one fresher dropped out of Edinburgh

The leaving process felt far more administrative than pastoral

Little Mix to perform in Edinburgh

Buy the tickets. You know you want to.

Arctic storm to hit Edi this week

Batten down the hatches

Shooting of new Avengers film to begin in Edinburgh next month

Better start adjusting your Tinder settings, Robert Downey Jr and ScarJo are coming to town

I’ve lived in the UK for 12 years, but am still considered a foreign student by uni

‘If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere’

The worst things about returning to Uni after the holiday

Which git left their food in the fridge?