Pitt Greek life faces alcohol ban, social probation after a student was hospitalized

The ban follows an ‘alcohol-related incident’

The University of Pittsburgh has temporarily placed all Greek life on social probation. Greek life organizations are barred from holding events with alcohol until further notice. They have also suspended a fraternity after a student was hospitalized in an "alcohol-related incident" which took place Thursday night.

The social probation imposed by the university bans all Greek life from sponsoring, co-sponsoring, or participating in any social activities in which alcohol is present.

Although Pitt officials did not directly identify the fraternity involved in the hospitalization, Sigma Chi's national office says the Pitt chapter has been "suspended for apparently violating alcohol and drug policies."

So far, the University of Pittsburgh has been tight-lipped about the details of the situation. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Joseph Miksch, a Pitt spokesman, said he could not confirm where the incident took place, whether it was on campus or at a fraternity house. He also declined to share any information about the student who was hospitalized.

In a letter to fraternities and sororities from Dean of Students Kenyon Bonner, he expressed his disappointment. "The circumstances surrounding this incident are extremely concerning and disappointing,” he said.

The university's decision to place all Greek life on social probation follows a developing national trend of imposing harsher punishment on Greek life organizations. Pitt joins the ranks of Ohio State, the University of Michigan, Florida State, and Indiana University, who have all placed Greek life on suspension or probation.

“This is a sobering reminder of the importance of examining the culture of our campus and our collective and individual roles in defining who you are and who you ought to be as a fraternity and sorority community,” Mr. Bonner wrote.

University of Pittsburgh