UMich fraternities self-impose a ban on all social events

Amid claims of sexual misconduct and hazing allegations

In a meeting held by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) on Thursday evening, members of the board voted in favor of suspending all social events until further notice.

This suspension comes as a result of recent events, across the country and on campus. In this past week alone, Greek life at Florida State University was shut down after a pledge died and another fraternity member was charged with trafficking cocaine.

Campus related incidents include: multiple claims of sexual misconduct, hazing allegations, and more than 30 hospitalizations in the week following bid day.

The suspension calls to forbid all social events, date parties and mixers, and even activities involving new pledges. The only exception to this ruling is allowing events with deposits made on a venue to still take place.

In a statement, IFC said:

As a community we must hold our members accountable, which is why IFC has decided to suspend social until further notice. This will not affect social at our own third party functions such as our date party or the rest of our programming as a fraternity. It will affect our attendance at IFC sponsored third party events, satellite houses, and chapter houses. They have a zero tolerance rule about social right now and we as a chapter need to respect that decision that was made under a vote of their council.

IFC members encouraged the committee to vote for the suspension, because in the case that the University or North-American Interfraternity Council mandated it, IFS wouldn't be able to decide when to life the suspension. However, if IFC were to ban all of Greek life, the council could then lift the suspension when they choose, according to the Michigan Daily.

Updates will be added as more information surfaces.

University of Michigan