‘It’s stupid’: Ole Miss students skeptical after nationwide clown hysteria

Clowns with machetes? Give me a break

‘Killer clowns’ have allegedly been terrorizing college towns in the Northeast – but Ole Miss students aren’t convinced by what appears to be bored pranksters or a hoax.

Included in the list of schools that have been hit so far are UDel, UMass, Syracuse, JMU and UConn.  The clowns have been sighted in 32 states and people are really freaking out – at Penn State there were riots to stop them.

It’s not just the Northeast – last week, on September 26th, a driver crashed his car in Mississippi after allegedly seeing a clown at the side of the road, although no photos have been verified.

However, in typical fashion, Ole Miss students are keeping it chill – they’re not so convinced about these ‘sightings’.

Former Ole Miss student Ryan Holman, 24, Finance Major said:

“This whole killer clown thing with clowns holding machetes and scaring people is stupid. The pranksters will get bored soon and move on.”

We need to be aware that anyone can be dressing up as these clowns and scaring the public.

In Starkville, Mississippi there were allegedly two clown sightings – though these were later deemed a hoax by Starkville police department.

Is this all just a product of Halloween coming up? Are students just trying to make the holiday scarier?

Student Ashley Nicole Smith, 19, English major said:

“I’m deathly afraid of clowns and this whole clown thing is driving me up a wall” .

Will Ole Miss be plagued with the clowns to scare sorority girls and unsuspecting Oxford families?

Let’s hope not – because we’re really over it.

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