Ciao Ryan says his life has changed since becoming an internationally famous meme

People are coming up to him on campus and asking him to say ‘ciao’

Ciao Ryan, the freshman who has become globally famous for saying "ciao" on campus, has spoken out to say his life has changed forever.

Since appearing in an enormously video where he says "ciao" to his friend Thomas, Ryan Scott spoke to The Tab about his newfound fame.

"The Snaps have changed my life on campus," he said in an exclusive interview. "I have more people coming up to me and chatting, and I honestly feel so great."

Ryan, 18, says he didn't know Thomas until he was featured in his first Snap. "I really didn't hang around him that much until then, but I started chilling with him more after that," he explained.

The University of Louisiana Lafayette student woke up this week to see that he had become an international sensation: "I was honestly very shocked in the best way possible when I saw the number of people looking at the video. When I first saw it 8 AM on Monday, I couldn't believe it at all. I still can't believe how much it has blown up!"

Ryan and Thomas now hope to go on Ellen.

People started loving Ryan and Thomas' exchanges, which go a bit like this:

Thomas: What's the business?

Ryan: Serious business, that's what it is .

Thomas: You still fucking bitches?

Ryan: Yes.

Thomas: Are you sure?

Ryan: Yes.

Thomas: Alright man, see you later.

Ryan: Ciao.

Ryan, a Mechanical Engineering major now has students coming up to him on campus asking him to say ciao for them.

"I think it's funny," he said, "and it warms my heart that such a simple phrase can make people happy."

He also has thousands of fans who are lining up to marry him: