Four NCAA basketball coaches charged with fraud and corruption by FBI

The Head of Sports Marketing at Adidas has been arrested for allegedly arranging to pay high school players

According to ESPN's Sports Business Reporter, Darren Rovell, four NCAA basketball coaches are being charged with fraud and corruption in connection with a kickback scandal involving a "major international sportswear company."

According to NBC's News Investigation Reporter, Tom Winter, the four coaches in the scandal are Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State, Auburn's Chuck Person, Emanuel Richardson of Arizona, and Tony Bland of USC.

Another person reportedly named in the scandal is Jim Gatto, Head of Sports Marketing for Adidas.

The full details of the scandal haven't been released, but Rovelll says Gatto and "others" would pay high school recruits to go to Adidas schools, and would then sign them to Adidas once they left school.

In a statement to Rovell, Adidas claims to know nothing about Gatto's alleged actions.

Most of the details of this case are still unclear, but the FBI has scheduled a press conference for 12pm Eastern time.