Lyft just reinvented the bus and they’re getting roasted on Twitter

The eydge of innoyvation

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of acting like I’m the first one to ever do something. There was that time that I thought I invented avocado toast… and also that time I swore to my friend I listened to Taylor Swift before she was famous. She told me listening to Teardrops On My Guitar on Radio Disney didn’t count, but I digress.

Similarly, the ride-sharing app Lyft recently rolled out a new feature named Lyft Shuttle where it has set paths passengers can take instead of direct lines. Does it sound familiar? I mean I could’ve of sworn that I’ve heard of that before.. Somewhere.. Oh yes, THE BUS.

If they just admitted they wanted to hop on the bus market, I think the world would be fine with it. However they’re trying to pass if off as this new, inventive thing, which just makes it plain hilarious. And of course, it has resulted in some solid roasts on Twitter:

What’s a subway?

Amayzing way of trayvel, reaylly.

Annnnnd then the memes start getting real:

Despite everything, we can all agree on this:

This feature is currently being tested out in San Francisco and Boston.