Why I’ve taken the same photo with Seth Rogen every year for four years

You heard me

The photographic event of the year has just happened – a guy named Ted has taken his annual picture with Seth Rogen.

Through his frat Ted, a recent graduate of the University of Vermont who prefers to keep his last name private, was involved in Hilarity For Charity, Seth Rogen’s Alzheimer’s awareness organization.

He has met the comedy star around once a year since 2014, and every time they re-enact the photograph while holding up a composite of every past picture they’ve taken (that’s called a Droste effect, dumbass).

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Ted explains he got involved in Hilarity For Charity as VP of Philanthropy and Community Service of Pi Kappa Alpha at UVM.

The passing of his chapter president’s grandfather – and Seth Rogen’s testimony about Alzheimer’s before Congress – inspired them to start raising money.

“Though we had never raised more than a couple thousand dollars in years past this would be different, we had a reason to rally behind this cause and it seemed most of our members were in someway directly affected by this disease. My own grandfather had also passed from Alzheimer’s some seven years prior.”

Ted and his brothers won a nationwide fundraising competition three years running to get Seth to visit, where the photo tradition began. Ted saw Seth at the Hilarity For Charity event in New York last week and they did it again.

“I was honestly surprised but Seth seemed really excited to see me and was happy to take the picture,” he said. “I think we’ll try and keep it going for as long as we can.”

Ted adds:

“Seth to me seems like a really genuine guy, and I’ve got to say after taking last year’s picture I have way more respect for a lot of celebrities. I had my 15 minutes of fame and could barely stand going out the night after it happened, I couldn’t walk two feet within the bar I normally would go to without people mobbing me and shoving their phones in my face showing me the picture that I had taken. I can’t imagine how people can deal with that on a daily basis everywhere they go.”

See you next year.