Bon Jovi just crashed a commencement ceremony and played a rock concert

Farleigh used to work on the docks

Bon Jovi crashed Fairleigh Dickinson University’s commencement ceremony today after they won an MTVU contest. That’s cool and all, but the questions on everyone’s mind are who the hell is Fairleigh Dickinson, and how did they win?

Bon Jovi was set to perform his new song ‘Reunion’ for the winning university

Now a silver fox, the rock star explained on Twitter that he wrote an original song “about the idea of a graduation and what happens on life’s journey,” which he would perform for the winning university. The song will appear on his new album.

To win the contest, students at universities nationwide had to tweet their favorite college memories

To everyone’s surprise, FDU actually won

So, FDU either has some die hard Bon Jovi fans who went all out to get this live performance, or other universities don’t give a shit about having his old ass perform at their commencement ceremony.

People were surprised, but also very confused

Now we all known FDU exists and that Bon Jovi still makes music, it’s a win-win situation