Ladies, go to a male strip club – you’ll love it

And they said I wouldn’t have fun

Instead of the usual late night dates at a coffee shop, I did something out of my comfort zone – I spent the night in Atlantic City, New Jersey (a miniature Las Vegas) and went to HunkO’Mania, the male strip club.

I told my friends and parents, but everyone said I would have an awful time, saying things like “this isn’t you sweetie” or “only lonely people like those things.” I was already having anxiety about the upcoming weekend, so I just nodded my head.

The truth is, I am not the party type, and a male strip club is completely out of character.

Despite this, Saturday came and as I went to pick up my friends I felt more excited and brave.

My girl squad for the weekend was ready and looking fierce so we set off on our journey. I felt like I was in The Hangover  and my excitement finally set in.

As we sang 2008 throwbacks the entire way, I almost forgot what my night was to consist of. Finally we get to the house we were staying at for the night and I realized I was not ready for this. This was a big step for someone who hardly leaves their house for a night out.

The entire time I glopped on my eye makeup I heard the mantras of all the people who told me I’d have an awful time.

Even with my doubts, I drank, got ready and listened to music.


As we approached the venue I was feeling confident in my outfit and ready to have fun with my girls. On my walk in, I realized I wasn’t doing this because I was lonely or for the guys – I was doing it to let loose with my girlfriends. I hadn’t let loose for a long time because getting in a car accident on top of getting dumped this summer had made my summer too stressful for fun.

I deserved this and I would have an awesome time.

We walked in and right away Rihanna was blasting on the speakers. My friends and I started dancing and laughing, ready for the show to start.

The show began, and as a dancer, I appreciated what those men were doing up there. It was ridiculous and sexy all at the same time. The men were more talented than I could’ve imagined and the crowd was so eager and accepting of everything that was happening including the outrageous costumes.

I was laughing and dancing and in a haze of euphoria. For the first night in a long time I was in the moment. People tell you all the time to live in the moment and I wanted to finally understand what they meant. That night, I felt completely engrossed in my surroundings and it was liberating.

I was dancing with my friends and sometimes the guys would come up to us and dance in their half naked outfits. I felt just comfortable enough when I was brought into the hot seat.

I was on stage and had the entire audience watch me with a stripper. My heart was pounding and I was panicking internally when I thought ‘this is it.’ This is the moment for me to finally let go.

I wanted this night to help me loosen up and if this won’t help me then nothing will. I went on stage along with my friend and got really into it. As the strippers entertained us, I laughed and welcomed them openly with a smile on my face. I was lifted up and turned upside down on stage. As the audience cheered, I didn’t feel nervous at all, just happy.

Yes, I did get a lap dance from a stripper and I am not sorry about it and no, I didn’t feel gross or pathetic because I had a great time with my girls.

Those strippers entertained us for the night and we let them. Why go at all if you’re going to judge what they do?

What they did for me is help me remember what it feels like to have fun. For that, I admire them all and I’m grateful for them.

The hot seat ended up being my saving grace and if you asked me if I’d go back, I’d say yes without even thinking twice.