We interviewed women of all sizes who DGAF about their weight

Does the ‘ideal beautiful’ even exist?

Women tend to be more self-conscious when it comes to weight than men – it’s taboo to ask a woman how much she weighs unless you’re a doctor or a personal trainer, whereas for men it would sit naturally in a conversation.

Why should it be more of a sensitive topic for women?

Is it because society tells you that you have to look a certain way?  Do your boyfriends/husbands put pressure on you to look skinny?  Or do you really believe the size 0 stick-figure women you see in women’s magazines is the ideal beautiful?

Does the ‘ideal beautiful’ even exist?

We interviewed some women of all sizes who DGAF about their weight. For them, losing weight is more about staying healthy, fit and loving themselves for who they are, rather than becoming skinny just because it is model size and apparently the ‘ideal’ beautiful.

Annabelle Schmitt,18, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA

“I’ve never been the thinnest girl, simply because I have wider hips and bigger legs, etc. That doesn’t mean I’m big, in fact, I’m lucky to not be considered “fat” or anything. I’ve always had issues loving myself, though, partially because I don’t workout enough and because my younger sister has the perfect model build body.

“Recently, though, I’ve learned to love my body just as it is. I’m healthy, I have my toned legs, and honestly, who gaf if I’m not model build? Models are the not the definition of health or beauty by ANY means. Dove’s campaign showing all different shapes and sizes of women is what we need to keep in mind, because all shapes and sizes are BEAUTIFUL. Confidence is key, and I think that the most beautiful women are those who radiate self-love and confidence. That’s beauty to me. Fuck being thin.”


Radhika Khanna, 19, Delhi NCR, India

“Well, I think it’s so important to happy in our own skin, just being completely comfortable with who we are. In terms of every tiniest detail – color, appearance or weight. Women who are happy with their weight are so stunningly inspirational.

“I wish I could count myself as one of them, but I’m getting there. Also, to the beauty behind the brains for this idea – You are helping us love ourselves. And also appreciating the ones who love there weight and do not believe that is the reason they are pretty. Not too much attention goes to people who are content with themselves so getting them under the spot light is so thoughtful.”



Albane Seguin, 18, Paris, France

“We’ve all grown up in a society where girls become more and more skinny and are extremely conscious about their body because society tells them to. Well, you know what I am not some kind of rebel or something when I say that’s not how I think and that’s not how it should be.

“We’ve always eaten healthy at home but one day my body decided that it would just be bigger than my sister’s. At first I didn’t understand why, now I accept it. I might not be skinny like every other girl but that doesn’t mean I want to be like them.

“You can look pretty without being really skinny and I wish more people could see that to feel better in their body. My parents have started criticizing that and keep telling me what to eat or not to wear that cause it doesn’t look good on young girls like me… Well you know what: I learned to ignore them, I tried telling my mom that I am confident and totally fine with my body but both my parents are very athletic and very conscious about how people see them and what they say about them so of course they don’t get that!

“You’ll look pretty to everyone else once you’re confident with yourself!”


Tanishka Shorey, 19, Vellore, India

“I had heard this line somewhere – eat what you love and wear what others love. I strongly ‘disapprove’ of it. You don’t have to be an eye candy. You have to be confident about yourself.

“Being an Indian Punjabi girl, I have hefty thighs. Whenever I look at girls with perfect legs, I always end up cursing my DNA but, that doesn’t stop me from wearing shorts or LBDs. Curves, size zero, skinny- they are all just a play on words. What matters is the heart. People will judge you no matter what, so enjoy yourself, celebrate yourself and accept yourself the way you are.”


Stuti Ghosh, 19, New Delhi, India

“I really feel that being happy about yourself and being healthy matters the most. Our body is a temple. You appreciate temples, not seek to alter them. So eat whatever you want to, go for a run, do yoga and DO NOT count calories. And people who aren’t responsible for your body have no right to comment. So shake it all off. Too thin / too fat, thin is pretty, curvy girls are more attractive – all of this is a load of crap. Stay fit and be awesome.”


Natalia Buenaventura, 19, Silicon Valley, CA, USA

“I definitely could care less about my weight which sounds weird but I’ve always been naturally very very skinny. That being said, I’m confident when I’m on the thinner side but I’m also (I could even say more) confident when I gain weight because for me weight gain means boobs and curves and not looking like I’m prepubescent.”

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Gail Vivar,19, Kearney, NJ, USA

“So basically after gaining the freshman 15, I felt like a woman! Before, I thought being skinny meant looking pretty and guys would only love me thin. I was so wrong. I’ve learned that the wrong type of guys will make you feel that way. My curves are me and loving me is much better than going on a diet to get a skinny waist. One of my guy friends told me that people loved me for ME and not my body…so since then, I’ve realized that I was so wrong about my body image! I’m so confident with my body now, I have fun while exercising (Zumba is so much fun) and I love showing off my curves because hey I’m not a model and I don’t want to be!”


After interviewing all of the above women, we realized that there isn’t an ‘ideal’ beautiful. For some, being thin maybe pretty and for the others being model size is just a big no-no. For some, curves are super important and portray being sexy, and for most, being fit, healthy and loving yourself for who you are is what matters.
Most importantly, no one should be the judge of your body but you. Being confident is what makes one beautiful.