We asked young women who dgaf what inspires them

Inspiration really can be found anywhere

In a society that tends to judge women for just about anything, it’s refreshing to see that not all women seem to care what others think about them. However, where do women seek inspiration to have such an empowering point of view on the world? Honestly, the possibilities are really endless.

These women show that inspiration lies just about anywhere; from their loved ones to the things they love to do. 

Gabby Segura


As cliché as it sounds, I think my mom is the person who inspires me to not care about what other people think. Ever since I was a kid my mom was getting piercings and tattoos, dressing way different than other people, and she has never been afraid to speak her mind. So from a young age I just saw that it’s okay to be yourself and if someone doesn’t like it then it’s his or her problem.

Francine Baliao


I feel like it’s always been a part of my personality to just be me, whether others like it or not. However, I think that this approach is not all completely produced by me. I believe my parents taught me to not care about what others think by emphasizing more important things, like school. So, I think the desire to do well in school has helped me to develop the mindset that other peoples’ opinions are not as important as other people make it to be. I have also come to learn that other peoples’ opinions are not always concrete and are subject to change so I don’t really worry much about what others think.

Ollie Monti


More than anything, I think my friends empower me to not care about what others think about me. They always are themselves and unafraid to be who they are, which is truly inspiring. They even help to encourage me to be myself and are always supportive and loving. Whenever, I’m afraid or anxious they help give me the confidence I need.

Stephanie Fiedler


My friends keep me inspired. When something happens where I care about what the person thinks of me, they’re like “No, that’s not okay. Fuck them.” For example, a guy I really liked, who I thought liked me, told me that we weren’t going to work out, which was a huge 180. My friends were like, “No fuck him. You can do better. He doesn’t deserve you.” I know it’s cliché but it really does make me feel better because what they say is genuine and I can see that they believe in me and care for me.

My friends also don’t give a fuck – even some of my guy friends are like that. We all just feed off of each other in that aspect and I think we’ve all grown really strong because of it. Especially with my guy friend, it’s different because he doesn’t have the same “idgaf” situations, so he sees what I go through with unbiased eyes. He’s a confident little dude and that rubs off on me. Now, when I’m by myself and something happens, I’m like “Hell nah, this isn’t going to fly,” and I feel great.

Emica Leveille


I find inspiration in myself, actually. I always look within myself in those moments of others peoples’ judgments. No one knows myself better than I do. I know what goals I want to achieve and the person I want to portray and I don’t let anyone come in between that. I always stay true to myself and with that mentality, I know will never fail.

Hayley Gola


Whenever I do something that makes me happy, it gives me the confidence to have the mentality of “I don’t give a fuck about what people think about me.” Whether it’s listening to my favorite music, spending time with my friends, or even buying a new piece of clothing, it gives me a big boost of confidence. Whenever I have that confidence, nothing can get me down.

Michelle Rivera


Dancing has definitely given me confidence. When I’m dancing, I end up forgetting about my surroundings and it’s the only time I truly feel free. I’ve always loved dancing since I was little but I’ve never thought of taking classes for it. I would just put music on and dance in my room. I would also dance with my family and it was always awesome. I felt like dancing was a no judge zone for me.

About four years ago, I started to do contemporary dance in church. I really love doing it. The moments I was dancing were the moments I would just have to myself.

Dance is now not just a hobby for me. It’s something that’s a big part of my life and my heart. It’s a true passion. I found that confidence, for me, was hard to build up, especially on my own. So, dancing gave me the strength to believe in myself. I learned that when I do things with love and a pure heart, like I do with dancing, things become easier for me. I can now tell myself that I’m happy with who I am and the way I look and others opinions don’t matter.

Cindy Tsuei


One of the main things that helped me build confidence in myself and not let people’s perception of me dictate my life is my favorite band, All Time Low. Although there are many things and people who contributed to that, All Time Low had always been the voice in my ear (literally) telling me that it is okay to be myself no matter how weird or eccentric I am compared to everyone else. Their music encouraged me to embrace all my flaws and ignore scrutiny from my peers. The band’s image inspired me to think and BE outside of the box, and to be proud of myself for it.

All Time Low got me through my awkward early teen phase, the unrealistic social expectations of high school, and the mind-altering introduction to adulthood. Ever since I started listening to them in middle school, they have been my go-to during my moments of self doubt as well as a constant reminder of who I am, what I represent, and most importantly, who I strive to be, which is the best version of myself.

These young women choose not to care what others think by surrounding themselves with someone or something positive, which is really important nowadays, especially for women who live in a society with constant judgment. If more women continue to look for inspiration within others, themselves, or their hobbies, then this planet may be filled with strong women who really just don’t give a fuck.