#Trumpgirls show that not every woman supports Hillary

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They’re on a mission to make America great again. Last Monday, a new hashtag, #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet started trending over social media. The twitter posts featured women in revealing clothing wearing everything from Trump hats to tank tops.

Trump girls are determined to show that Hillary isn’t the only candidate that’s attracting attention.

“Just the simple fact that Hillary is under federal investigation should be enough to stray away from her,” said Natalie Lally,a college student and trump supporter.

“People assume that all women are for Hillary, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” she said.

The woman for trump support him for taxes, immigration laws and more.

“I am a woman business owner and our taxes have to be revamped if small businesses have any chances. The small mom and pop businesses depend on the large businesses to keep a good balance of money being used and recycled into a community. We need Trump to get our factories back,” said Lani Bressler, a trump supporter from Nebraska.

Regina Stovall Toney, a trump supporter from South Carolina, said she supports Trump because he is consistent and he’s looking out for his fellow Americans.

“I feel that Trump holds these same values, I have read all his books, watched his interviews since I was a child and for the past 30 years he hasn’t changed who he is or what he wants,” she said.

Natalie Lally, a CUNY Hunter undergrad

“I chose to support Trump for many reasons. I believe that he can help alleviate some of the pressures on our economy, he will abolish common core, restrict illegal immigrants from entering our country, and support our veterans, as well as protect our law enforcement,” said Lally.

Other reasons for supporting Trump include his transparency and his willingness to change America around according to female Trump supporters.

“He is not a crooked politician and he is not politically correct. He is honest, intelligent and successful. He loves his family and America. He has not been bought by the  NWO (New World Order) elite and does not want or need their dirty money,” said Patricia

Pam Mitchell Hinton, a trump supporter from Florida, believes Trump will change America in the right direction.

Pam Mitchell Hinton, a trump supporter from Florida, believes Trump will change America in the right direction.

“The American people need to act now to save this country. Trump will end NAFTA, this will bring back jobs. Trump will get the immigration issue under control. We are not a country without borders. Trump will adhere to the laws on the books and see that they are enforced. The people have sat back and allowed the Government to become corrupt and controlling. Big government is choking our country,” she said.