The meme-myths about veganism are just that – myths

Vegan Mac and Cheese is SO GOOD

Millennials are known for our progressive stance on our world, our environment, our culture, our body. It’s not a shock that so many of us are vegetarians, vegans, etc. So why has the meme culture attacked the living sense out of vegans?

People say that vegans think they’re better than everyone else, they think they’re hip and cool, they want everyone to know that they are vegan. But, isn’t being vegan a lifestyle choice, the same as being an omnivore? I went to my friend Jordann Auth with some questions about her life as a vegan!

What made you go vegan?

I randomly found an article on animal rights on Facebook one day and cried for about an hour.

Do you miss any specific foods?

I don’t miss any foods because there are vegan alternatives to all the non-vegan foods I liked before. Like Mac and Cheese! Vegan Mac and Cheese is SO GOOD.

You can still eat delicious foods!

You can still eat delicious foods!

Do you notice a change in your energy, body, emotions, etc.?

I am much more energized than I used to be because I eat so many plant based foods like fruits and vegetables. I eat a lot of carbohydrates to keep me energized throughout the day! My skin has also cleared up a lot; I used to have really really bad acne.

How do you feel about all of those vegan/vegetarian stereotypes?

They kind of annoy me because everyone always thinks that I think I am better than them because I don’t eat meat… or that I never shut up about being vegan. I really only bring it up if someone else does.

How do you avoid all these meat-oriented holidays?

For Thanksgiving, I eat Tofurkey which is fake turkey meat. I just use vegan cookies for Christmas and vegan birthday cake. For the Fourth of July, I just eat watermelons and veggie burgers if they are available!

Would you want to see the whole world become vegan?

I would absolutely love to see the world become vegan. I am very confident it will happen someday, but maybe not in my lifetime, unfortunately. If the entire world went vegan, we could stop world hunger; the grains that we could be giving people in starving countries are instead being used to supply food for cattle in slaughterhouses. It would have so many benefits and would just make a more peaceful society. How can we truly achieve world peace if we are murdering innocent beings?


It’s always interesting to hear vegans speak about veganism instead of people behind computers writing about bad vegan memes speak about veganism. It’s important that we understand where vegans and vegetarians are coming from. Some of them might think they’re better than the rest of us because they’re actively, personally doing something for the greater good! I say we make vegan meals more available, more accessible, and hopefully more people will follow.