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Former York student named as one of the victims of the Ethiopian air disaster

He was one of 157 people killed in the crash

A former York student has been named as one of the 157 people killed in the Ethiopian Airlines disaster when the flight crashed.

The former student has been named as Sam Pegram from Lancashire and he was a former Masters student at the University of York.

The plane which was travelling to Nairobi hit the ground six minutes after leaving Addis Ababa airport on Sunday morning.

Deborah Pegram, Sam's mother, told the Lancashire Evening Post: "Sam was so looking forward to going to Nairobi. He loved the work he was doing. We can't believe this has happened. We're totally devastated."

The University of York's Centre for Applied Human Rights said in a statement, "We have learnt with profound sorrow that our alumnus Sam Pegram has passed away in the Ethiopian Airlines accident this past Sunday.

May we express our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to Sam's parents and family, to his friends and colleagues.

The staff at the Centre for Applied Human Rights and York Law School and his fellow students will remember Sam as an exceptionally bright student committed to human rights and humanitarianism, and as a profoundly kind soul. As teachers we have the privilege to meet students who move us to the core – Sam did that.

May you rest in peace, Sam.

A candle vigil will be organised at the University of York. Details to follow."