Sussex’s most eligible fresher: The winners

Sussex has spoken…

You guys at Sussex have had the Xmas holidays to ponder who you’d like to nominate as your most eligible female fresher and most eligible male fresher, so now it’s time to reveal who you have decided to crown.

Raja Shabab is officially the most eligible male student at Sussex. He won a whopping 37% of you over. Jammal Chambers came a close second, bagging 28% of the votes.

boys winner

Raja was chuffed to hear the news. He said ” I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. I guess I am not as bad looking as I think I am! I participated just for fun. I didn’t think I had a shot at winning.”

As for the girls, Sussex has decided to crown Vesela Hristova. The lovely lady nabbed 35% of the vote. Due to one of the candidates withdrawing, Lucy Collins is the lucky lass in second place.

girls winner

Vesela remains humble as ever.

She said: ” Thank you! I can say that all the girls in Sussex are ‘the most eligible’ in their own ways, so I appreciate that the student body voted for me.”