Ice Skating rink coming to Southampton for Christmas

And a fully licensed bar, of course

Oktoberfest comes to Soton

Authentic German beer and schnitzel as standard

Soton students protest Uni’s relationship with BAE systems

Thousands of civilians​ have been killed by arms sold by BAE

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New SUSU merch: Hartley library condoms?

Woman sexually assaulted near Bedford Place

Less than a month after the Jester’s assault

How to successfully get with your housemate

Let’s get incestual

Suspected paedophile found dead in home after being confronted in Sainsbury’s Portswood

This was just two days after he was released from police custody

Susu the cat: a tragic loss or relief in the face of animal cruelty?

What we should take away from the death of beloved campus cat Susu

DJ Jax Jones brings the pardy to 9am lecture

9ams are a little less painful if you’re outdoing the Brazillian dancers on stage

RIP Susu the Cat

May she rest in bountiful tuna and milk

Weird things all Soton students do which are again, just very weird

Why are we like this

Lies Southampton students tell themselves when their loan comes in

Nothing lasts forever

Our Beloved Portswood Costa is closing

Where else am I meant to get my skinny chai latte?

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You can banter without the bev

My sober clubbing adventure

Going to Freshers’ events is a rite of passage for all, but who needs alcohol when you have such a fun and engaging personality as I? Right…?

The types of students you’ll meet during Freshers

It’s better to be petty than ketty