We asked Newcastle students all the best places to go for a mid-week night out in the Toon

Soz if your faves didn’t make it x


We all know midweek nights out are really the best, and even better when you really shouldn’t be there. Newcastle students can and will drink at every opportunity, and (or so) here are your favourite places to do it:

Monday – Oops @ Grey’s Club

Considered an icon by students in Newcastle, Mr Oops makes the Monday blues the Monday woo’s. You’ll bump into everyone – your ex situationship, your work besties and those characters you and your friends create (let’s hope they don’t discover their nicknames).

Tuesday – Groovy Disco Tech @ World Headquarters

The funkiest night in Newcastle, GDT never fails to provide tune after tune for that mid-week groove. Said you were only going for one at £2 Tuesdays and ended up behind the decks? Ah well, you’ll get your life together next week.

Wednesday – Sports Night @ Soho Rooms

Chaos. Pure chaos. If you haven’t embarrassed yourself in Soho before, are you even a Newcastle student?

Another night where you will see everyone you know, but chances are you’re that leathered you won’t remember.

P.S – wake up early on Thursday to check Snap Maps if you want to feel better about your hangxiety.

Thursday – Skint @ The Points

It’s clear most of you miss your primary school disco days. Skint is definitely an acquired taste… but if you love a cheesy night out, it’s your dream.

Friday – CASA @ The Social Club

Quite literally the hottest club in Newcastle (why is everyone on their Instagram so attractive??), CASA has taken Friday nights in the toon by storm. Bringing a fresh take to the Newcastle club scene, there’s no surprise CASA came out on top.

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