10 things which scream you go to Newcastle Uni without screaming you go to Newcastle Uni

Quarter zips, Leazes and the rah’s, Newcastle students are easy to find…


There are many ways to say you go to Newcastle Uni without ACTUALLY saying you go to Newcastle Uni, not including the atrocious amount of merch in the form of dark blue trackies and hoodies stuffed in so many students’ wardrobes.

However, here are some of the more interesting, more discreet ways to scream (silently) you are a Russel Group University student…

1. A good old quarter zip

One great way to spot a Newcastle student is to keep an eye out for a quarter zip hoodie – any brand, colour or sport, it’s a guaranteed staple of the university student.

2. Saying you dislike Co-op

A Newcastle student will probably tell you they hate Co-op before they tell you they go to Newcastle. Situated in the heart of Newcastle’s red brick campus – it is the bane of many student’s lives. The price, the chaos, and most importantly the horrendous meal deal menu.

Actually, dislike might be too much of a weak word here. Let’s say deep-rooted, burning hatred.

3. Loyalty to Luthers

One way to scream you go to Newcastle Uni without actually screaming it is instead screaming you love Luthers. Instead of the chaos in the Co-op, Luthers has the atmosphere, the big TVs and the recent upgrade from a regular Student Union to a Spoons. The NUSU is certainly the way to a Newcastle student’s heart.

Love you, Luthers x.

4. Leazes Park

If you want to spot a Newcastle student in the wild, one would recommend Leazes Park. So close to the Newcastle University campus, it is surrounded by the accommodations close to the hearts of many students – Park View, Wellington Plaza and Castle Leazes (no comment).

Stay on alert for a quarter-zip wearing, Co-op hating student!

5. West Jesmond

Another destination for the Newcastle clan… although Jesmond is home to many students from both Newcastle and Northumbria, West Jesmond seems to have been overtaken by Newcastle University hooligans this year. It might be safe to say Osbourne’s is missing Northumbria.

6. Swingers vs Skint

A problem only a student in Newcastle would understand… the choice between where to spend your Thursday night.  Getting lairy in Swingers? Or getting rowdy at Skint?

Personally, I think you’d find most of the Newcastle Uni students screaming at Swingers x.

7. A Newcastle campus fit

This is for the girls – the girls with tiny scarves and big Uggs using the campus as a fashion runway. The education is great, but the looks served are even better.

8. Be drunk

It’s safe to say Newcastle has a reputation for its (raging) alcoholism, so it’s similarly safe to say the students there are consistently having one too many. From socials in town and a few pints gone wrong in Bar Blanc, it’s only hard to spot a drunk uni student because most of Newcastle is drunk on a Wednesday anyway x.

9. A rah

The “rah’s” must have an honorary mention, as such a monumental part of the Newcastle University culture. They’ll argue they aren’t technically “southern” BUT, their cousin’s mother’s grandma’s auntie was actually a really good friend of Margaret Thatcher.

Anyway, does anyone know where their baccy went…?

10. A £3.65 bottle of wine

Although not exclusive to Newcastle, an easy way to scream uni student vibes is by investing in a suspiciously cheap bottle of wine for a pres. It would be more questionable if you weren’t a broke uni student yet still buying up little Tesco’s supply of Zesty White and Juicy Rosé.

It would probably be better to just scream you go to Newcastle uni, to be honest x.

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