Fight Night 2016: Meet the fighters


Fight Night returns with 18 fresh new fighters ready to punch it out in the ring at Newcastle’s Students’ Union on Thursday 1st December.

Students from both Newcastle and Northumbria will battle it out for the glory in an event that draws hundreds of people to the SU.

Event organiser, Connor Berry, told The Tab: “It’s always a great social event – it makes a nice change for everyone to get dressed up and have a different kind of night out. Watching your mate have a fight is always a good laugh too.”

Tickets, which are selling out quickly, are now £12 from FIXR.

Here’s the basic information about the fighters in this year’s event.

Ali “ALOPECIA” Duffield v Rory “THE KID” Kinnear

Ali “ALOPECIA” Duffield

Height: 5ft 11; Weight: 67kg, Jesmond, Third year

Rory “THE KID” Kinnear

Height: 5ft 8, Weight: 67kg, Jesmond, Third year

Representing: Gowan Terrace

Billy Mostyn v Charlie “FAT PAT” Pascoe

Billy Mostyn

Chose not to disclose

Charlie “FAT PAT” Pascoe

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 98kg, Newcastle Uni, Third year

Representing: NURFC

Benny “YOUNG MONEY” Younger v Duncan “THE BUSTER BOXER” Swanson

Benny “YOUNG MONEY” Younger

Height: 6ft 3; Weight: 82kg; Northumbria, Third year

Duncan “THE BUSTER BOXER” Swanson

Height: 5ft 9; Weight: 82kg; Newcastle

Representing: NURFC

Dips  “OUT FOR HARAMBE” Patel v Jamie Mackwood


Height: 5ft 7; Weight: 55kg; Newcastle, Second year

Jamie Mackwood

Did not disclose

Hector “THE HIGHLANDER” McMicking v Robbie “THE HOUND” Harnby

Hector “THE HIGHLANDER” McMicking

Height: 6ft 1; Weight: 78kg

Robbie “THE HOUND” Harnby

Height: 6ft 3; Weight: 89kg; Northumbria, Third year

Henry Bendit v Milo Lyons

Henry Bendit

Did not disclose

Milo Lyons

Did not disclose

Rob “NEVER HARD” Mather v Tom “TUP TUP” Owen

Rob “NEVER HARD” Mather

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 80kg; Newcaslte, Second year

Tom “TUP TUP” Owen

Height: 5ft 11; Weight: 78kg; “Jesmond BNOC”

Ray “SHOW ME” Love v Luqman “LUCKSTAR” Mohamed

Ray “SHOW ME” Love

Height: 6ft 1; Weight: 78kg

Representing: Loosedays events

Luqman “LUCKSTAR” Mohamed

Height: 6ft 2; Weight: 76kg; Newcaslte, First year

Representing: Castle Leazes

Paddy “THE PITBULL” Morton v Matt “THE TRIPPLE NIPPLE” Riall

Paddy “THE PITBULL” Morton

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 70kg; Newcastle


Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 70kg; Newcastle