Groups of drunk women in Newcastle are the rowdiest in England, according to statistics

Howay, pet

Figures obtained from police forces across the country have revealed that groups of women out on the Toon have been given more fines for drink related disorderly than any other city.

Statistics released by Northumbria Police show that 4,629 drink-related fines have been given out in Newcastle in the past six years alone. The standard fine is usually around £80, and is given on the spot.

The figures show that Lancashire was second with 3,596 fines in total, with Liverpool in third place. The best county in England was Bedfordshire with only 126 fines in the same six-year period.

Newcastle beat London (4th) despite having a much smaller population than the capital.

Paige Johnson, first year, said: “The police here are really friendly, can’t imagine what you’d have to be doing to get an 80 quid fine but it’s probably the trebles.”

Lucy, first year English Language, said: “Some of the locals here do get crazy but it’s such a crazy city it’s not surprising.”


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