Former MMU student receives life sentence for neo-Nazi plot to kill an MP

He gave a Nazi salute to his supporters as he was taken to the cells

A former Manchester Metropolitan University student was given a life sentence today for "preparing acts of terrorism" after admitting to involvement in a neo-Nazi plot to kill an MP and a police officer in 2018.

Jack Renshaw, 23, planned to attack and kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper and DC Victoria Henderson. He pleaded guilty on the first day of trial and will face at least 20 years in prison.

According to BBC reports, Judge Justice McGowan said Renshaw's "perverted view of history and current politics" led him to "an attempt to damage our entire system of democracy".

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The judge added: "You praised the murder of Jo Cox in tweets and posts in June 2017. In some bizarre way you saw this as a commendable act and set out to replicate that behaviour."

Renshaw had planned to attack the women with a 50cm long blade to "send the state a message.

As he was led to the cells from the dock, Renshaw reportedly made a Nazi salute.

CPS head of counter terror, Jenny Hopkins, said: "Jack Renshaw was prepared to act on his white supremacist world view and plotted to kill a Member of Parliament – a plan reminiscent of the abhorrent murder of Jo Cox MP."

Following the announcement of his plan at a National Action meeting, disillusioned member, Robbie Mullen, leaked the information to the group Hope Not Hate.

National Action was created in 2016 with the intent to "restore white Britain". The group sympathises with Nazis and purports strongly anti-semitic, homophobic and racist propaganda.

Renshaw was previously convicted and jailed for 16 months for the online grooming of two young boys in 2017. He has also received jail time for "inciting racial hatred".

Concurrently with his life sentence, he has received seven years for repeated attempts to groom boys.

Mr Renshaw, who was removed from MMU for inciting racial hatred, is also previously known for starring in a BNP promotional video, attacking "Cultural Marxists", "Heartless Zionists" and "Militant homosexuals".