Things to do in the summer to fill the empty void filled by uni finishing NEXT MONTH

Or just sack off revision and start summer now

If you are currently stuck in a hole of revision and right now it feels like the summer light at the end of the tunnel is a million years away, then it might motivate you to have something to look forward to on the other side.

With about 13 weeks of blissful summer ahead, take a look at some of these ideas of things to do which make your holiday the best one yet.

Work at a summer camp

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Applications are still open for 2019, with many companies such as AmeriCamp and Camp America still offering applicants the chance to get placed for this summer.

Working at a summer camp in America is a great opportunity to meet new people, improve your CV, get a tan, earn some money, experience another culture, try new things and travel to new places. But be warned: kids are fun but hard-work, and you will probably end the summer with the words to something along the lines of Baby Shark permanently ingrained in your brain.

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Go to a music festival

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Glastonbury ft. some of that beautiful British sun

If you haven't quite got the money to make it abroad this summer and are happy to take advantage of some glorious UK sunshine (fingers crossed), then a music festival is for you. With hundreds of festivals across the country – from Glastonbury and Parklife to the lesser known like Green Man and Lost Village – there is something there for everyone.

For around £150 you can get too drunk, pass out in other people's tents, wear those wavy garms your mum said you'd never wear outside of Fallowfield and listen to some groovy tunes. It will be a weekend you won't forget (or maybe you will).

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….or work at one

If you are strapped for cash but still want to make it to some festivals this summer, try working or volunteering. Organisations such as Oxfam and Greenpeace currently have applications open to volunteer at most major UK festivals – normally you'll only have to put in three eight-hour shifts across the weekend and the rest of the time will be yours to enjoy the festival.

Alternatively you could pick up some shifts working as bar staff or for a food stall and earn yourself some money while you're there. But let's be honest, nobody actually enjoys cleaning festival toilets and this is a perfect example of what your overdraft is actually for. Probably just buy a ticket.

Get an internship

If you are more of the proactive type and you are looking to make improvements to the all important CV, bag yourself a summer internship and prove to your mum that you're useful. Getting an internship over the summer is an invaluable way to show your interest to future employers and to get in some good work experience.

Go travelling

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If you never took a gap yah, splash some cash and treat yourself with that trip to South East Asia your flatmate in the harem pants always goes on about. Make use of the notorious European Interrailing pass and show yourself around the continental sights, either on a solo adventure or if you're lucky, with your other financial mastermind mates.


For the more fun (or financially incapable) among us who rinsed their student loan on too many NOS canisters and banging DnB nights out, then this might be your only option. Yes, we know that you have been working so hard at uni and you are probably wanting to spend summer relaxing, but if you are really looking to make some money then getting yourself a job is probably your best bet. Popular student summer jobs include working as bar staff, in clothes shops, coffee shops, for temporary event agencies etc.. Sorry, the truth hurts.

Watch unhealthy amounts of TV

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Is your summer beach bod seriously slacking? Are you prone to sunburn every time you step outside?

Not to worry: there is always the option of spending your summer as a human burrito, wrapped up in a duvet in a dark room surrounded by crisp crumbs. To be honest, with the line up of shows due to hit our screens this summer I'm not sure anyone would blame you: we've got new Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, Killing Eve, Suits incoming, and the list goes on.

Just grab yourself those all important snacks and you're set.

Happy summer x