We’re scared of absolutely everything except skiing holidays

Our generation is apparently even frightened to apply for a job


Young people are petrified of work, sports activities and even holidays according to a worrying new report. 

Apparently a whopping 59 per cent of us would be afraid to ask our boss for a pay rise or promotion, so it doesn’t look like we’ll be moving away the intern coffee machine any time soon.

Not to worry though, this drops to 20 per cent by the time you get to the 55-64 bracket, according to a recent report from Inghams holiday company.

So one day you may actually have to start paying back that student loan.

Accept your fate, you’re making the teas forever

Not only are we afraid of getting a better job once we’re in one, but it seems we’re also afraid of getting the job in the first place.

Nearly 40 per cent of us have admitted being afraid of taking a new job offer, and 36 per cent are also fearful of changing career.

Depressingly, over a quarter of us who have graduated aren’t working within our field of choice, with most of those people putting it down to having to start at the bottom of the ladder.

Over a quarter of these unhappy folks said their reasoning for not working in their chosen field is because it is too hard to get into, even with all those hard won years at uni learning “important work skills”.

In the field of travel we also come out as bigger yellow bellies than our middle-aged competitors, with 46 per cent admitting to being afraid of solo travelling.

Maybe all those gap year “self-discovery” pics weren’t as enlightening as they seemed.

Would you bring your mum on your gap year?

We’re even scared of (some) holidays – 41 per cent would go on an aged 50 plus holiday but would be afraid of what others would think, the exact same percentage of people as would definitely not go on this kind of trip.

But when it comes to skiing and snowboarding holidays, we suddenly become fearless, with over 79 per cent of us identifying as stopping at nothing to get on the slopes.

And we’re more keen for a chalet experience than a cruise or a coach, which lag behind at 51 per cent and 38 per cent respectively.

But it looks like Ibiza and Zante aren’t quite off the cards yet with 41 per cent saying they would love to go on an 18-30 holiday – 16-17 holidays weren’t covered, so no news on Maga or Malia’s popularity as of yet.

We feel the pinch less than 25-34 year olds, who rated cost as the biggest factor putting them off people from travelling to different countries, at 46 per cent.

A third of us say the language barrier puts us off travelling to different countries.

This is in addition to us being the biggest worriers about the food when we go abroad at a significant 26 per cent, despite almost 36 per cent saying they “wouldn’t be willing” to try English cuisine on holiday.

What’s wrong with English cuisine

It’s unclear whether this was due to our adventurous nature for trying foreign foods, or some kind of underlying fear of tea and crumpets.