Deadline season struggles every Lincoln student has to suffer

It’s the most painful time of the year

Unfortunately, the worst time of the academic year is upon us. Christmas is over and the January deadline season can’t be ignored any longer. Very few students avoid this soul-sucking time, and if you are one of the lucky few, I hope you enjoy your carefree January. What a sad little life. For the majority of Lincoln students, this is a month filled with anxiety, so here are some of the most relatable struggles for Lincoln students so you feel slightly better about that essay you haven’t started yet.

Finding a seat in the library

Deadline season means packing up your laptop, water bottle and Tesco meal deal and relocating to the library for the foreseeable. Unfortunately, half the student population of Lincoln has the same idea and so finding a seat in the library becomes a survival of the fittest situation. It often means giving up on your preferred area of the library and venturing up to the dreaded silent floor where eating isn’t permitted. Sometimes you have to take the L and attempt to eat your meal deal discreetly.

Choosing between doing work and going out

Ah, the most difficult decision for any Lincoln student in deadline season. You’ve truly never known heartbreak until you watch your mates go out to Union on a Tuesday night as you stay in to do work. RIP social life.

Being in the library and seeing the Quack queue

If for some unknown reason you’ve had a random burst of motivation and find yourself in the library on a Wednesday night in deadline season, you’ll be faced with the queue for Quack trailing all the way down past the library, mocking you as you sit with your Lucozade and open laptop. Your heart will sink at the sight of your fellow students hyped up on VKs and you’ll wish you had been sensible enough to start your essays earlier, but still, you’ll never learn.

Studying at Towers or the Swan

The idea that any Lincoln student could go to Towers or the Swan and actually get anything done is simply a myth. It sounds good in theory – you and your mates set up camp in a comfy booth, open your laptops, order a soft drink, and become academic weapons. Yet, it never quite pans out that way. Someone will suggest getting a pint, just one, and things will slowly descend into chaos. Before you know it you’ll be five drinks deep, caught up on all the gossip and all thoughts of work have flown straight out the window.

Choosing a study space

One thing that Lincoln Uni does really well is study spaces, with a range to pick from across campus. However, this is both a blessing and a curse for stressed students. Will you venture into the snazzy medical library or stick with the old trusty regular library? The comfy sofas in the Alfred Tennyson building or the aesthetic views from the top floor of Minerva? By the time you’ve dithered over which study space to commit to, so much time has been wasted it’s basically time to go home and stick Netflix on.

Spending too much money at the roundabout Maccies

It’s lunchtime, you’ve put in a solid hour’s work (messing about in the library) and you deserve a nice treat for all your hard work. And what could be more convenient than the McDonald’s across the road from campus? It’s the perfect nourishment for stressed, sleep-deprived Lincoln students to fill up on during deadline and exam season. It was just supposed to be a one off as a convenient treat, but somehow turns into a daily occurrence, which may help fuel your study sessions but certainly doesn’t benefit your bank account.

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