Nine icks that might leave you without a Valentine’s Day date

‘Apparently half pints are not cute; they’re icky’

It’s that time of the year when everyone who has had multiple failed situationships is beginning to question what keeps going wrong. Seeing your mates in a relationship never normally seems to bother you, but as soon as February rolls round, you suddenly begin to hate their sappy IG posts and date nights dressed up in the centre.

Well, if you do any of these things, you might actually be an ick – I hate to break it to you.

1. Putting your hand up in a lecture

No matter how interested you are in the subject, by putting your hand up you’re just annoying everyone. People roll their eyes at you and steer clear; nobody wants the professor looking at them falling asleep behind their laptop screens. Have a question? Email.

2. Getting a half pint

I consider this to be my own personal ick. I feel no shame getting a half pint when I want another drink but don’t think I’d finish a full pint at Old Bar before a lecture. But according to some of the guys I asked about their icks, this came in fairly high. Apparently half pints are not cute; they’re icky.

3. Going to Pryzm …especially on a Monday…over the age of 18

Leeds is a big city so nobody has any excuse to go to Pryzm continuously. So why is anyone in second year or above going? I think their pocket money covers the £3 doubles x

4 .Thinking you’re part of Gossip Girl when eating your Bakery164 on Parkinson Steps

Sorry, but you and your bestie are not Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Walforf. We see your judgey eyes looking everyone’s outfits up and down. Something about the steps make you feel superior, when, in reality you, too, are just a clone of every other Depop Leeds girlie.

5. Wearing obvious Shein clothes

Shein is a super affordable, but not super friendly brand. There’s nothing wrong with buying stuff from there, especially as a student who can’t always afford UO clothes. But it is icky when every girl has the 5 exact same going out tops they wear on repeat. There’s also always a few trendy dresses that, about a month after the microtrend has finished, girls in the club (especially Space), will be wearing. None of us are perfect, but try and get clothes that 80 per cent of the female population don’t already own.

6. Wearing shorts in winter

A clothing one for the men. What pleasure could you possibly get out of wearing shorts in winter? It is not practical, warm or comfy. Your rugby legs aren’t impressing anyone. We’re looking at you in disbelief, not out of lust x

7. People who spend all day in Eddie B

Although the most iconic, and arguably best, Leeds library, if you spend all day here, you either study too much or are desperately looking for love. We find the likes of these sat staring on ‘Floor flirteen’, writing LeedsFess confessions about themselves for a confidence boost. But hey, I admire the grind. Good luck x

8. Thinking Fruity is shit

Yes, it is shit in an iconic way, but it is SO lovable. I am on about the people who genuinely hate it – the music, the vibes, the people. Fruity wouldn’t be Fruity without any of these things, and begging for tickets on Leeds Student Group is a rite of passage only the best of the best appreciate. Ironically, the people who hate Fruity seem to love Pryzm and Space the most.

9. Being more protective of your vape than your friends

This was my own personal addition after I saw some lad punch a guy for taking a puff of his vape and storming away in anger…whilst leaving his unconscious mate on the side of the street. I understand the love for vapes – the lush fruity bursts of air that make you feel better for about two seconds. But this? Over one puff? Sort your priorities out pls.

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