Build your dream festive drink and we’ll tell you which Lancs degree you should be studying

Merry Quizmas day three! Prepare to change your degree x

Have you ever considered just how important your regular coffee shop drink order is? Whether your go-to is a black coffee or a fully loaded hot chocolate, this can reveal so much about yourself to others. And when it gets to Christmas, picking the perfect hot drink is even more crucial. Festive drinks are clearly one of the best things about Christmas in Lancs shown by the amount of Christmassy drinks available on campus alone.

For the second day of Quizmas, we want you to build your dream festive drink, and this really requires some thinking, as your choices will determine the perfect degree for you. So, forget the degree you have spent years wanting to do, because the degree you get in this quiz, based on your drink choices alone, will obviously be far more accurate.

Whether you love or hate Christmas, everyone can appreciate a hot drink, especially in this weather, so make the right choice, no pressure.

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