Move over green and red flags, these are the biggest beige flags of each KCL campus

Let’s jump on the neutral bandwagon


For the uninitiated, beige flags are those little attributes that neither blow you away nor send you running for the hills. They’re the quirks, oddities, and idiosyncrasies that make you raise an eyebrow and say, “Huh, interesting.”

Kinda like when you find a single sock in the dishwasher or when you realise you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to your favourite song for years.

Hold on to that thought because here’s a list of KCL campus beige flags you never knew you needed.


Maze RunnerSure, getting lost on your first day might be a rite of passage, but discovering new nooks and crannies weeks into your semester? That’s a beige flag right there. Who knew finding the restroom could turn into a mini adventure?

Ninja Turtles – The motion-sensor lights in Bush House seem to have a personal vendetta against students, leaving us in darkness at the most inconvenient times. Beware of sudden ninja moves to avoid a blackout.


Bargain bite- You’re on a budget, but you’re also craving something more exciting than the standard sandwich. You find yourself wandering the streets, eyeing overpriced sushi rolls or gourmet burger joints that are far beyond your student loan’s reach. But hey, at least your humble meal deal will suffice.

The battle for study spots – You’ve got your textbooks, your laptop, and a fierce determination to secure the perfect study spot at the library, but everyone else has the same idea. It’s like an intense game of musical chairs, but the music is replaced by the sound of laptops closing as students move from one spot to another. You’ll definitely have improved your reflexes after studying at Waterloo.


Café paranormal- If you’ve ever wanted to experience dining in the afterlife, Guy’s Campus cafeteria has got you covered. The ambiance is eerily quiet, and the food options sometimes make you wonder if you’ve stepped into a parallel universe where microwave-ready meals are considered haute cuisine. But hey, at least the coffee is decent! Just pray you don’t stumble into an abandoned lab on your way back. 

Time warp – Professors at Guy’s seem to be stuck in the past. You can expect every lecture to use an outdated PowerPoint presentation from the early 2000s; pixelated images, Comic Sans bullet points and the classic clip art aplenty. You’re really made to question what counts as good taste, and yet, you can’t help but feel a wonderful level of nostalgia as you’re learning about the intricacies of the human body.

Denmark Hill

The Mysterious Tunnel – Rumour has it that hidden deep beneath Denmark Hill Campus lies a secret tunnel connecting different buildings. Some say it’s a shortcut, while others claim it’s a portal to a mythical realm. One thing’s for sure: Finding it is like trying to locate the Holy Grail.


Cozy corner – It’s hard enough finding an appropriate study spot that’s quiet enough to actually study at the Maughan Library, so when you stumble across a hidden book nook it’s like a gold mine. Although these little alcoves shielded from the prying eyes of fellow students are a rarity, their existence is an absolute godsend.

A rare picture of multiple free seats in the RRR.

Sweater weather – While it’s a magnificent place to study, it has incredibly unpredictable temperature. One moment you’re freezing in the middle of winter, and the next, you’re sweating in the middle of summer. It’s like the library has its own microclimate. So make sure to dress in layers and be prepared for any weather conditions inside the library walls.

It’s your turn now. Happy flag hunting!

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