This is what halls each 2023 Love Islander would be in if they were a King’s student

Expect to be pulled for a chat in the Angel Lane courtyard


Love Island is well and truly underway this year and the drama is as juicy as ever. There’s so many questions on everyone’s mind about the latest batch of Islanders, but there’s one that’s more important than them all: would Mehdi live at my accommodation? The simple answer is no because he doesn’t go to King’s, but we can imagine, along with all of the other Islanders.

Here is the university halls each Islander would live in if they went to King’s College!

Angel Lane – Whitney

Whitney could only ever be Angel Lane. Just like the name of the accommodation, Whitney herself is an angel among us. On top of that, the location of Angel Lane suits Whitney’s vibe perfectly, a true East London girl and within a stones throw from Ballie Ballerson.

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Orchard Lisle and Iris Brook – Mehdi

Orchard Lisle and Iris Brook is the trouble free accommodation out of all of the residences, and we’ve all had a French lover there, right? For that reason, no one else but Mehdi could be found at this residence. Medhi is cool, calm, and easy going and with such a tranquil courtyard, there is no better fit for Medhi’s soothing voice.

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Canada Water – Ella

On the topic of East London and travelling South we find Ella, in Canada Water. The whole location is extremely Instagram worthy, the picturesque buildings and gorgeous docks nearby are perfect for some classy pictures for social media.

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Atlas – Tyrique

Atlas is, in my opinion, the best accommodation (a completely unbiased opinion), and for that I’m giving it to my favourite islander: Tyrique. Being undoubtedly en route to become the latest member of “Destiny’s Chaldish,” Tyrique is fun, true to himself and seems like he would be awesome on a night out, just like the people at Atlas accommodation.

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Hayloft Point – Molly

Hayloft Point, the new, boujie and stylish central accommodation seems the most fitting for Molly. Having Shoreditch on her doorstep would allow this fashionista to broaden her style amongst the hip boutiques along Brick Lane, as London profoundly reconfigures your style. At Hayloft Point, this honey could have a studio apartment, allowing her to have plenty of room to play with her boys –  I mean toys!

Moonraker – Mitch

Moonraker is full of the neediest students, we all know a stage five clinger from there. So there’s not much of a discussion for this one: Mitch is the only islander that you’d find here.

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Stamford Street Apartments – Zachariah

Stamford Street is home to some of the biggest players at KCL and so its only natural that the player of the villa ends up here: Zachariah. As well as affording him access to Ministry of Sound in which the sea of freshers will suffice his player appetite, Zachariah’s cool as a cucumber vibe will fit in well with the easy going students that reside here.

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Julian Markham – Jess

Despite hailing from West London, our girl Jess would be a Julian Markham resident. Elephant & Castle is referred to as the “Piccadilly of the South” and allows her to experience snippets of the busy North without all of the hassle and drama. It also has a super underground restaurant for her to go to – the Shard! Perfect for the ‘gram.

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Wolfson House – Sammy

Finally, leaving us with Wolfson House, the accommodation undergoing maintenance work throughout 2023/24. It seems like the perfect place for Sammy to stay at where, being a project manager, he will be able to apply his j0b from the comfort of his own accommodation.

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