KCL gives non-UK students 20 minute shorter counselling sessions than UK students

Non-UK students only get 30 minute sessions, but UK-based students get 50 minutes


King’s students are receiving mental health counselling sessions of different lengths depending on whether they are UK or non-UK based.

The university’s counselling and mental health support page says that UK-based students are offered 30-minute support appointments or 50-minute counselling and mental health sessions. However, non-UK based students are only offered 30-minute support check-in appointments.

This year, counselling and mental health services moved online. The inequality between student counselling sessions for UK-based and non-UK based students exists in spite of appointments no longer occurring in person.

However, a King’s spokesperson said this is “due to various licensing and registration issues” between different countries.

The King’s Counselling website

Earlier today, The King’s Tab revealed that King’s College London students wait up to a month for an initial appointment with mental health counselling services. Students also wait 7-14 days between appointments, with the most urgent cases being seen within five days.

The university confirmed that the difference in counselling services available was due to a student’s current location, not their fee status.

A King’s spokesperson said: “The sessions are not about Home vs EU/International, it actually means that the difference in offer is based on a student’s current location, not on fee status, i.e. it depends entirely on where the student is physically based at the time they’re accessing counselling/welfare support.”

“Due to various licensing and registration issues, we are only permitted to offering 30-minute welfare appointments to those who are overseas, which is why 50-minute appointments are available only to students who are UK based.

“The law in some countries restricts the right to practise as a counsellor or psychologist and practitioners have to meet the local professional requirements to be legally compliant. We aim to provide equitable and fair support to our entire community no matter where they are in the world.”

You can find more details regarding King’s mental health services here.

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