Quick! You have one week left to book: The best Valentine’s Day date spots in Glasgow

Ensuring your February 14th isn’t a complete disaster

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And you know what that means? Excessive PDA outside Broadcast? Creepy teddy bears clutching onto soppy hearts? A sad Tesco-ready meal for one?

No! A Tab guides article to guide you to the perfect date spots around Glasgow for you and your significant other. Read on for our top spots for your Valentine’s Day 2024.

1. Sugo

People make Glasgow, people make love, and Sugo makes delicious pasta, thus a fabulous spot if you and your partner crave a more traditional date vibe.

Described as one of Glasgow’s “finest” Italian restaurants, you and your partner can dine like kings for a reasonable price.

Located at 70 Mitchell Street, and open week round, I’ve only had great experiences at Sugo.

If you are thinking of this as an option for Valentine’s Day, even throughout the year Sugo is full, I dread to think about how full it will be next Wednesday, so maybe best for an early dinner.

2. Level X

Roses are red, violets are blue, Level X I’m coming for you.

Ten-pin bowling, crazy golf, and an arcade. Level X has it all, especially for those who enjoy a bit of competition. Located on the top floor of the St Enoch Centre, Level X could be the perfect place to discover if your date is really THE one.

It isn’t exactly a candlelit dinner but the Dance Dance Revolution might just be goofy enough to give you your very own Kissing Booth moment. As well as all this there is a bar (slightly overpriced), upon arrival you will be given a black card that you put money on, a card you carry around with you and scan at each activity.

3. The Purrrple Cat Café

If you and your partner are animal lovers and looking for a purr-fect way to spend the day together, then I might just have the thing for you. Located at 2 Trongate Street, you and your partner can spend all day interacting with cats.

From my experience, you are very much given free rein to wander around and meet as many cats as you wish, on top of this, the food and drink are reasonably priced. The overall vibe of the café is very chilled, some cats sit and sleep on armchairs, while others run about and climb on the overhead walkways, regardless, it’s guaranteed you will get your cat fixture here.

If you’re interested, you need to book a slot for you and your partner, you can do this by visiting their website.

4. Vaga

Fancy something a bit more high-end this Valentine’s Day?

Located just next to Central Station, Vaga is one of Scotland’s most highly-rated cocktail bars. With views overlooking the Glasgow skyline, this is the perfect spot for you and your date to indulge in some of the best cocktails Glasgow has to offer.

Vaga doesn’t just serve drinks, the serve an array of delicious food, making this a prime spot for a magnificent Valentine’s Day.

5. The Botanical Gardens

If you manage to avoid the screaming children, a picturesque stroll around the Botanical Gardens may just be what you’re looking for. Although, you don’t have to restrict yourself just to a stroll.

You should take advantage of the vast green space, and enjoy a cute picnic, or take part in one of the many fun interactive classes and activities that are held in the gardens, such as painting, dog yoga, and or an (18+ only) game of rounders.

These activities seem to be held on a somewhat regular basis, but make sure to check ahead, otherwise, it might be a bit awkward.

6. Go Karting

One for the thrill seekers, from £42 you and your date can enjoy the ride of your life. Located in Clydebank, ‘Team Sport Glasgow’ offers you and your partner the chance to go head-to-head to become ‘track royalty’. However, after my own ride here, the only royal I was left feeling like was Princess Diana…

The venue also provides food and drink, so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic meal to the roar of motor engines and the intoxicating smell of oil. That being said, this most definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

7. Spoons

With that being said, if all else fails, or you’ve completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day, you can always save the day (and your relationship) by ordering a pitcher with two straws, who said romance was dead?

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