Exactly how West End are you as a Glasgow student? Take this quiz to find out

If you’re that person who makes everyone’s eyes roll back when you start talking, I don’t know what to tell you

Many students, particularly ones who attend the University of Glasgow, who most likely live in the west end of the city, are often those people you do not want to see on a night out. But what does it mean to be a true ‘West End Wanker’?

We all know what it means, but how many of us might fall into the category?

For clarification, the term West End Wanker is not usually a good thing. It can mean that someone is self-entitled, perhaps who has unrealistically high expectations, or maybe even the type of person who says something out loud that makes you put your head in your hands.

The types to go around in the North Face puffers, sitting on the pavements of Bank Street or even whipping out their own set of decks in their flat. Are you one of those?

Take the quiz here: