QMU Presidential candidate makes candid apology

‘I’m sorry if I’ve caused any offence’

QMU Presidential Candidate Chris Steven has been forced to release an apology after homophobic and racist tweets were found on his Twitter account.

The account, which had an array of sexist, homophobic and racist language has been criticised for it’s horrific slurs.

He tweets: “In the study zone watching a guy write formulas all over a whiteboard. Would be reminded of Good Will Hunting but this guy’s Asian.”

And his homophobic tweets border on sexism during his stint as QMU social convenor: “And the only reason Miranda Hart is critically praised is because everyone thinks she’s a transvestite and they want to support the LGBT.”

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VdFi9MNj2s&feature=youtu.be" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" data-reactid=".3x.$mid=11425489806441=2d0e7f6bbc30a24bc69.2:$range0:0">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VdFi9MNj2s&feature=youtu.be</a>

Since news of the account surfaced Chris has released a video defending the account and his campaign saying: “I said I was the honest candidate and I want to continue that same theme today.”

Sorry Steven, who is the QMU’s current social convenor, has defended the account saying it’s “a more tongue in cheek parody of myself”.

“I wanted what was best for the Union and I wanted to help it out in a time of trouble.”

But many have criticised his choice to continue running in the QMU election with his manifesto stating, he wants the union to treat its members “with respect”.

Rachel, studying history of art said: “He can tweet whatever he wants but for him to think that no one is going to get angry is really fucking naive.

“I don’t know the whole thing irks me. I wouldn’t vote for him after reading those.”

And second year Will, when asked about the tweets said: “He’s a cunt.”

Speaking to the Glasgow Guardian, Chris said: “I don’t at all relate it to any of the work I put into the union.”

And second year Nathan commented on Chris’s campaign saying: “His Twitter account definitely isn’t appropriate and he will suffer from opposition throughout his presidency if elected.”

And the blow comes to the presidential candidate after the Guardian published an article explaining the downfalls of QMU including cliqueness and exclusion.

But Steven insists in the video: “I’m sorry if I’ve caused any offence.”