Eight iconic memes you’ll only understand if you study at Exeter Uni

These are canon events

We are all aware of the various things that Exeter University is known for and how we all have probably encountered similar experiences while being here. From drinking far too many venoms in Timepiece, or Pret coffees (RIP Pret subscription), we’ve all been there. These are some things that are unique to Exeter University and only students who go here would understand. In this regard, here is a list of eight memes that you would only get if you were a student at Exeter University.

1. Fixr

We all know the struggle of getting any ticket on Fixr, especially when a TP Wednesday is involved. Now we are coming up to Term 2, I wanted to remind you of the even bigger screen-freeze dilemma that is coming, the inevitable EGB ticket release date. Tickets will be released on Monday 12th February at 6pm, so be prepared!

2. Efes Grill

Being a student at Exeter means the choice of varied kebab choices throughout the city, especially through Sidwell Street. However, there is one diamond amongst all the questionable choices that Exeter has to offer, and that is the one and only Efes. Most students should have had the lucky experience that is Efes Grill, and safe to say it has better nightlife than Unit 1. Countless times have my friends been on nights out purely to get an Efes after. Bonus points if you’ve made it home from your night out only to find out you made it onto their TikTok live stream singing your heart out with a chicken box in hand…

3. Exeter in general

I can guarantee that all Exeter students have bought at least one of these things, and shamefully think it is safe to say that most of our student loans have been spent on too many Fixr tickets to count. New year, same Exeter students.

4. Exeter Bouncers

If anyone has had the pleasure of being in the bad books with the woman bouncer who guards the holy TP gates, then don’t worry I feel your pain. This lady will not let you make any mistake so make sure to be aware when standing in this queue.

5. Business


via Netflix

There is an unspoken rule throughout the Exeter students that is basically if you don’t switch one of your modules to a business one with the word entrepreneur in the title then you are doing uni wrong.

6. Timepiece

I don’t know if the burger van outside TP is actually good or just super convenient, I have only experienced this van a few times, and from what I remember I have no complaints. It is also the best view for watching varied students stumbling outside of TP, so it gets extra brownie points for the varied but very similar entertainment of students being kicked out of our favourite club.

7. Saltburn

via Amazon Prime

We have all seen the comparisons on our TikTok pages that Saltburn is basically Exeter, and I must say there are some elements of this movie that do speak truth to the Exeter student lifestyle. It would not be shocking to go to the club and see a bunch of men in suits or see them walking through the streets with Prosecco bottles in hand. However, I believe the comparison needs to stop: PSA first years, recreating the iconic Murder on the Dance floor scene through Old Lafrowda does not have the same effect as Barry Keoghan dancing through the mansion.

8. Cheesy Tuesday

Am I the only one who was saddened by the news that Cheesy Tuesday is gone forever? I know it was awful, but those few weeks during freshers when people actually attended Unit 1 will always have a place in my heart.

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