Fashion in the Forum: Exeter is kickstarting 2024 with style

Shock – everyone’s flaunting their Christmas presents

Rolling into 2024, Exeter is back with Fashion in the Forum! Of course, this means that students have the perfect opportunity to debut their new Christmas bounty. The new year is the best time to put the trackies back in the wardrobe and actually look presentable for uni – despite the inevitable backtrack once diss season rolls round.

With EX4 being unseasonably cold, overcoats accompanied by scarves is the go-to uniform around campus. It also seems like charity shopping, Vinted, and pillaging Mummy’s wardrobe are not going anywhere any time soon. Leopard print, red, and fur seem to be trending everywhere else but clearly skinny scarves are enough for Exeter. Despite Men’s Fashion Week happening this month, the Forum is definitely leading the runway. Hopefully, this edition will give you some inspo for the next time you’re strutting to your lectures:

Imogen and Liv, third year, ancient history and politics, @immy.mason, @livgrenyer

Imogen (left)

Coat – charity shop

Jeans – & Other Stories

Top – & Other Stories

Boots – Zara

Scarf – charity shop

Liv (right)

Coat – North Face

Jeans – Levi’s

Top – charity shop

Shoes – Nike

Where’s your favourite place to shop?

Imogen: “& Other Stories, clearly. Charity shops are always good.”

Liv : “Yeah – Exeter does have some pretty decent ones, but London has the best. If we’re talking high-street shops, I love a bit of H&M too.”

H&M has had a bit of a random resurgence – continuing to prove its high-street staple status.

Daisy and Freya, first and second year, English and film and geography, @_daisy__b, @freyawilliams

Daisy (left)

Jeans – H&M

Jumper – ASOS

Shoes – Vans

Freya (right)

Jumper – Pull & Bear

Jeans – second hand

Shoes – second hand

Headband – handmade

Are there any exciting fashion bits you got for Christmas and what’s on your current wish list?

Freya: “I received a new bag like the viral Uniqlo ones in floral pink.”

Daisy: “I was gifted a pinstripe dress from Motel Rocks.”

Both: “On the wish list is definitely a pair of low baggy jeans, but to only pair with a longer top” (agreed – crop tops are SO out).

Maeve and Georgie, second year, business economics and psychology, @georgiehwilliams, @maebhh 

Maeve (left)

Jacket – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – Zara

Jumper – Ralph Lauren

Scarf – Mum

Shoes – Nike

Georgie (right)

Jacket – Brother’s vintage

Jeans – Ralph Lauren

Jumper – Crew

Scarf – M&S

What’s currently on your fashion wish list?

Maeve: “I would like some more Ralph Lauren knitted jumpers as they’re so easy to just chuck on” (standard).

Georgie: “Yeah coming off of that, I definitely need more cable knit jumpers for winter too.”

A classic cable knit is definitely an assured way to elevate a dull winter outfit without the danger of overdoing it with the layers!

Phoebe and Esme, first year, history of art and history of art and French, @phoebe_neame, @esme_it

Phoebe (left)

Jacket – Vinted

Trackies – Adidas

Scarf – H&M

Esme (right)

Jacket – ASOS

Jumper – ASOS

Trousers – Adidas

Shoes – Adidas

Scarf – H&M

What’s your biggest fashion ick?

Phoebe: “Being in first year, socks and sliders are a bit of a standard. But, they’re definitely NOT a bit of me.”

Esme: “Yeah, back that. I also hate the basketball jersey look.”

Boys if I were you, I would opt for Birks and tops that actually have sleeves.

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