Just 10 iconic BeReal moments every Exeter Uni Student has taken

The drunk Impy BeReals never get old

If you’re still someone that thinks you’re above BeReal or too old for it, just know I’m judging you and you’re not cool. Nothing quite brings people together like everyone’s phone buzzing at the same time in a lecture. Since Exeter is a glorified town, it’s inevitable that nearly everyone will have taken their BeReals at the same places. You can’t beat yourself up for being basic, especially if you post on time everyday. That in mind, whether you’re a daily or occasional poster, here are 10 iconic places every Exeter Uni student has definitely taken a BeReal.

1. The Forum Library

It may not be the most exciting BeReal you’ve taken, but I’d be surprised if there was any Exeter Uni BeReal user out there without multiples of the Forum Library in their camera roll. You get to feel smug for not being in bed AND show off the fact you’re studying with a good spot. It’s a win-win.

2. Classic Spoons BeReal

A slight contrast to studying in the library, every Exeter student undoubtedly has many BeReals from at least one of the three Wetherspoons in Exeter. Getting a decent table in the Chev or Impy on a Saturday night is worth the BeReal alone before you stack it coming down the never-ending stairs from the toilet. Classy.

3. Bottomless brunch at Turtle Bay

Staying on the alcohol theme, if you’ve never done a bottomless at Turtle Bay then you’re seriously missing out. Nearing a dozen cocktails in two hours is my personal heaven, even if BeReal going off during it is pure luck. It’s worth being tactically late for. Turtle Bay, if you’re reading this, bring back the Bahama Mama, please and thank you.

4. Exeter Cathedral

Perhaps the nicest BeReal photo op in the whole of Exeter is the Cathedral, even if it is a slightly basic one. Despite the feral pigeons, it’s guaranteed to make for a nice photo, and let’s be honest – without it, Exeter would have no chance of reaching city status.

5. Exmouth beach

Another basic yet iconic BeReal that every Exeter Uni student has definitely taken is at Exmouth. If you haven’t had to walk miles past all the skiving students to find a good spot then you haven’t lived. Getting heat stroke and sand-filled shoes on the trek back to the train station is bound to happen but it’s worth it for the scenic BeReals, obviously.

6. Exeter Quay

To complete the iconic but basic Holy Trinity, the Quay is a staple spot for a BeReal. Whether it’s from the bridge, on the pedalos, or from Puerto Lounge, it’s bound to make for an enviable post. This is a personal favourite place of mine in Exeter for a cute walk. I promise it’s worth the trek uphill back to town, even on those questionable cobblestones.

7. Black Horse pub quiz

On the note of personal favourites, the pub quiz at the Black Horse on a Thursday evening is truly up there. Most Exeter students have tried it at one point and have undoubtedly used their BeReal to show this off. Getting a table here and dealing with the disapproval of the locals is impressive enough and getting into the top half of the leader board is just a bonus.


Will most students be able to afford a home any time soon in this economy? No. Is looking around IKEA pretending otherwise still fun? Absolutely. Being fake to get a BeReal shot of IKEA is absolutely forgivable too since there’s no connection inside for the most part, hence it being taken during the half hour wait for a bus home. We love Exeter buses.

9. Allstars Sports Bar

Maybe it’s down to students’ tendencies to spend hours on end in the Sports Bar, but I feel like I’m constantly seeing BeReals taken here. Admittedly, Allstars isn’t my favourite place in the world but both the pitchers and photo opportunities make it too good to miss.

10. A Just Stop Oil protest

Ok maybe not EVERY Exeter Uni student has taken this BeReal as it is a niche one, but if you were on campus when this Just Stop Oil Protest happened then you absolutely would’ve done the same. News travels fast in a small place and it really brought some excitement to a random Tuesday afternoon. As crazy as it was, those fossil fuel stats were really quite shocking (do better, Exeter).

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