Here’s how you can kick your vaping habit to the curb

It’s good for your wallet and for you!

Over the past year or so, vaping has become a huge trend on uni campuses across the country, let alone here in Edinburgh.

A recent investigation by The Tab showed that 49 per cent of Edi students have tried an Elf Bar vape since the start of this year, with 21 per cent saying they are in fact addicted to the nicotine-packed disposables.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal. Although we’re finding out more and more as scientific research into e-cigarette usage is being produced, not a lot is known about the long-term usage of vapes like Elf Bars. And with shops selling them for anywhere between six and ten pounds, it’s not exactly a money saving habit to have.

Nicotine addiction can quickly become hard to resist, and for those struggling with it, resources are available to help. But finding an alternative to vaping could be the trick to stop this from happening. Lucky for you, I come prepared with a variety of options to consider!

Distracting Yourself

It sounds simple enough, and it is! If you find yourself reaching for that disposable each time you’re feeling bored, why not try something else to keep yourself occupied? Go for a walk, grab a coffee, chat with your flatmates, it’s up to you!

Sorting your Oral Fixation

If that doesn’t prove successful, a tried and tested method is using things like fidget toys so that you have something in your hand, or even just chewing gum so that you have something in your mouth that isn’t a vape. Oral Fixation is a big part of why many people keep on vaping, so having something handy can be another kind of distraction from vaping.

Nicotine-free alternatives

If you genuinely enjoy the vape, whether it be for the social aspect, something to give you a break from studying, or any other reason, you don’t have to keep using nicotine-filled disposables. There’s a whole range of nicotine-free vapes available to buy online. Some are plant-based, and others come in various flavours and can come as disposable or rechargeable.

Granted, we don’t know a whole lot about the effects which normal vaping can have on your body, and we know even less about these nicotine-free substitutes, with some medical professionals advising that using these products can also have negative side effects, but the same can still be said for normal vaping.

Keeping track of your progress

Giving up is great, but that’s only half the battle! Being consistent is key, and using things like progress charts or apps to track how long you’ve gone without vaping can be a real help in putting things into perspective, as well as giving you a well-deserved sense of accomplishment in seeing how far you’ve come.

As you go longer without vaping, you’ll start to save those pennies, and maybe even feel better physically and mentally because of it. And with the Scottish Government considering a ban on disposables in the near future, there’s no better time to scrap your vaping habit than the present!

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