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A room in Why Not had to be ‘evacuated’ after a clubber took a dump on the dancefloor

George Street is now that bit less classy

Those at Why Not nightclub, one of Edinburgh's more popular clubs, found themselves having to "evacuate" the LED room after an eager club-goer took a poo on the dance floor.

Why Not admitted that there was an "incident" but denied that they evacuated anyone.

However, several social media posts claimed that a clubber had defecated in the centre of the LED room resulting in customers having to be evacuated.

Britain's youngest ever LOTTO winner Jane Park was also in the club at the time and claims she was evacuated after a reveller supposedly dropped their trousers and “pooed on the dance floor”.

Clubgoer Ciaran Mckenzie also told The Daily Record: "There was a jobby on the floor and yes the LED room did get evacuated.

"Not the whole place but the LED room."

A spokeswoman for Why Not said that whilst an incident occurred, there was no evacuation. She told The Daily Record : "There was no evacuation. There was an incident that happened, but it wasn't evacuated."

Stay classy Edinburgh.