Opal Lounge investigating reports of a sexual assault on the dancefloor

A witness says she saw a group of men grinding on her and filming

A young woman was reportedly sexually assaulted in the middle of the dance floor of Opal Lounge on Saturday night.

A second year witness who requested to be anonymous says she saw a group of rowdy men grinding on a girl and filming it on their phones.

The witness – a French and Spanish student – says the girl was clearly too drunk to consent.

She told The Tab: “I saw some people having sex (or what appeared to be) on the dancefloor. I think the girl was far too drunk to consent, but I am not a lawyer/doctor or the girl herself so I obviously can’t say for sure – the man certainly didn’t seem as drunk.

“After a while, he seemed to disappear and another man pushed her up against the pillar, started “grinding” on her and taking his top of. She didn’t try to stop him but was clearly far too inebriated to try and stop him.

“There was 10-15 guys filming her. She obviously didn’t stand a chance of pushing him off and he was huge.

“She was leaning on the post because she obviously was too drunk to stand or walk. Everyone on the dance floor could see, it wasn’t busy enough for it to be hidden in the crowd.”

The men allegedly Snapchatted and jeered at the girl, who seemed to be there on her own.

She added: “I did want to help her but seriously, this dude grinding on her must have weighed five stone more than me and there were loads of guys egging him on.”

Another female student also witnessed the incident and: “The girl looked to be extremely intoxicated and I’m not sure she had any idea of what was going on the whole night.

“I have no idea if she knew the first guy, who had approached who, or if she knew the others, but it didn’t look like she did and their behaviour didn’t suggest it.”

The incident happened in the middle of the dance floor, just down from the cloakroom.

The club is now conducting an investigation and it has been reported to the police.

A spokesperson for the Opal Lounge said: “We take allegations of this nature very seriously.

“Whilst no report of this nature was made on the night we are conducting a rigorous investigation to determine the truth surrounding these allegations.”

If you saw this or have any more information, please contact us at [email protected]