Which Durham stereotype are you based on your favourite Christmas film?

Because you can’t take the Durham out of the student, even during the holidays

Summative Season is well and truly upon us, inconsiderately extinguishing the festive joy of the holidays all at once. Durham is cold, wet and it’s still too dark to go out walking past 4pm, so let’s cast our minds back to a happier, simpler time. For one moment let’s swap worrying about deadlines, for worrying about whether you’ll drink too much in front of Granny at Christmas dinner. Let’s pretend that in the wise words of Hugh Grant, “love, actually, is all around”.

So grab a drink of your choice and snuggle in to find out which of Durham’s notorious stereotypes you are from your fav Christmas classics.

Elf – The DU Athlete

Credits: New Line Cinema

Seen wandering the streets of Durham garbed in DU stash, the DU Athlete stands out just as much as Buddy wandering around New York. In the same way Buddy tries to get his dad into the Christmas spirit, they’re that one housemate that’ll try to get you to the gym. Whether they’ll succeed is another question. They must have his level of energy to do all those training sessions and with Maiden Castle (their true home) being so far away, it’s practically the North Pole anyways.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – The Billy B Level 4-holic

Credits: Universal Pictures

The keepers of the Billy B’s fourth floor, the Level 4-holics are not too different from the Grinch. The “words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote”: Fresh Stop. Stealing. Seats!

The Holiday – The Bailey College Gal

Credits: Sony Pictures Releasing/ Universal Pictures

Flares, skinny scarves and jewellery galore, the Bailey College Gal gives fashionista Amanda Woods a run for her money. Whilst they may not be swapping their lives across continents (save that for their family Christmas trip), they are constantly swapping their college food for cheeky trips to Flat White.  They may also not so secretly be looking for a bf to be in the 70 per cent and to be honest, who wouldn’t want Jude Law for Christmas?

The Polar Express – The Church Street Speed-Walker

Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

With their need for speed, the Church Street Speed-Walker can sympathise with the Polar Express’ conductor: they just want to get their lectures on time and they’re tired of having to deal with all these children/ freshers slowing them down. Honestly all they want for Christmas is literally the Polar Express itself because they would love any way to get themselves to the Science Site faster.

Bridget Jones – The Hatfield Rah

Credits: Allstar/ Working Title

Bridget Jones’ Austenian Source material is all too familiar for the Hatfield Rah. Mirroring her chain smoking, they can most often be seen in their natural habitat smoking outside Hatfield’s gates, Schöffel and signet ring in hand. Like Bridget, they too are looking for their Mr./ Mrs. Right at Durham just like Mummy and Daddy. Plus, every single male rah has essentially based his entire personality off of Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver, curtains and all.

The Nightmare Before Christmas – The Durham Indie Boi

Credits: Touchstone Pictures

Is it a Halloween film? Is it a Christmas film? Much like the enigma that is the Durham Indie Boi, who knows. Constantly feeling like they don’t belong in their college and/ or Durham’s bubble, they put even Jack Skeleton to shame. Yet in the same way the edgy Christmas classic is owned by a multi-million dollar corporation, they may or may not secretly be a champagne socialist.

Love Actually – The College BNOC

Credits: Universal Studios

Cause they somehow know and are connected to everyone in your college (one way or another x).

Home alone – The STEM Degree-r

Credits: 20th Century Studios

Whilst they may not have been accidentally abandoned by their parents, with all their lecture hours, the STEM Degree-r might as well have abandoned all their chances at free time, leisurely coffee breaks and sleep. Alone from their friends, they live their student lives at the Science Site. But like Kevin, who knows what hijinks they get up to at four am in the Billy B.

Nativity – The Freps

Credits: BBC Films/ Entertainment One

There is always that one frep who is either Mr. Poppy, with way too much energy at the 9am drop offs, or Gordon Shakespeare, who takes the whole week far too seriously. The majority of freps are like Mr Maddens: overly done with all the children, and just wanting to do their job in peace and go to sleep.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a Good night.

Cover image credits: TriStar Pictures/ Rank Film Distributors

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