Dominic Cummings is still the registered director of Klute nightclub in Durham

Though he no longer owns the actual club, sadly


Dominic Cummings is still registered as the managing director of Klute LTD, the company which previously owned a Durham club known as the “worst nightclub in Europe”.

Dominic Cummings has been in hot water with the recent revelation that he disregarded government advice to make a 250 mile trip up to Durham.

Turns out that isn’t even his worst crime as The Tab Durham can confirm that Cummings is the director of Klute Limited, the company that owns Klute, Durham’s most divisive club.

Cummings also worked as a doorman for Klute when he was younger, in the early 90s, taking money from students on the door. On Dom’s former doorman days, a former colleague said: “He might not have looked like a doorman but he had a way with him that suggested it wasn’t worth taking him on. I never saw anyone go for him physically and there’s always a danger of that.”

Cummings worked as a doorman for Klute because his family owned the club, which has since been sold. He is still managing director of Klute LTD, though, the company which originally owned the club.

Companies House, the Government registrar of companies, confirms that Klute LTD is owned by Cummings himself. The club was sold by Klute LTD to Tokyo Industries in 2013 – which means that Cummings’ 250 mile trip to Durham probably wasn’t in the interest of checking in on his prized club in the absence of Durham student clubgoers.

For some, Klute is heaven on earth complete with cheesy music and cheap alcohol. For others it’s the ninth circle of Hell. Love it of hate it, Klute is undeniably a part of the Durham student experience.

Last year it was revealed that Cummings used to work at the nightclub in his youth, taking money on the door. His uncle used to own the club in the 70s until it was eventually bought by Tokyo Industries in 2013. Cummings is still listed as the only director of Klute LTD, though, which previously owned the club. The fact that Cummings’ name is attributed to a company named “Klute LTD” is enough in itself.

The 400-capacity nightclub holds the infamous title of being Europe’s worst club after the previous title holder in Belgrade burned down.

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