Boris Johnson’s new senior adviser used to be Klute bouncer

Ironic that it was once named Europe’s worst club

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Turns out Boris Johnson's new senior adviser and the political mastermind behind the Brexit campaign used to be a bouncer at Klute. Clearly he's enjoyed telling people to "leave" his entire adult life.

Brexiteer Dominic Cummings may be the newly appointed senior adviser on Downing Street to controversially elected Boris Johnson, but, back in the very early '90s, he worked at Durham club Klute as a bouncer on the weekends. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Cummings was privately-educated at the prestigious Durham School, and went on to study Ancient and Modern History at Exeter College in Oxford.

Before this, he was helping his uncle run Klute, aka 2016's "worst nightclub in the UK" as well as infamously being the "worst club in Europe" (but only after the actual worst one burnt down).

Cummings helped manage the place and on weekends he stationed himself on the door. A former colleague said: "He might not have looked like a doorman but he had a way with him that suggested it wasn't worth taking him on. I never saw anyone go for him physically and there's always a danger of that."

Cummings was the mastermind behind the Brexit campaign and was accredited for coming up with the slogan "Take Back Control". But while he's known for dividing the country with Brexit, Cummings is now more widely known from the Channel 4 documentary "Brexit: The Uncivil War."

Benedict Cumberbatch plays him, even re-enacting the moment Cummings punched a hole through the ceiling in celebration of the 2016 Referendum's result. If that's anything to go by, it's probably a good thing no one tried it on with Dom back in his bouncer days.

Image via Channel 4 trailer – Cumberbatch as Cummings

So there we have it. The new senior adviser to the Prime Minister used to be a bouncer at Europe's worst club. I wonder if it will be stripped of that title now thanks to Cummings.

Featured image: Via Instagram @klutedurham

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