Rules of playing a player on Snapchat

Stop getting heartbroken. You’re better than that.

It’s time to beat fuck boy on his favourite toy

Sitting in a lecture you see him. Leaning back, phone on desk, waiting for the next girl to text. He’s peaked our interest and we think we can play. You exchange numbers and even better, your Snapchat usernames.

You want to be coy and the trick is getting on his mind without him realising. Boys are too proud to stalk someone’s Facebook so don’t bother checking. Players need something tangible, something to taste.That’s why players are out pulling rather than pulling their weight.

So how do you get on his mind? Easy. Snapchat. But how you snap seriously effects your chat so here are some rules to follow.

I dare you

I dare you

Don’t expect him to be more than he is

Players aren’t looking for long term. That’s why Snapchat is fuck boy’s favourite toy. Done right its a quickie in a text, just without all the sweat.

So we’re all guilty of checking to see if they’ve seen our story. But step one of playing a player is to not get attached. It’s cute to have a crush but don’t take it further. Don’t send lengthy messages as if they’re your boy. It’s not going to happen and the sooner you come to terms with this the better.

Remember to live your life

Step two is back on you. The player should feel honoured you make his phone buzz. But you still want to look busy, and the easiest way to do this is group photos. When you go out, look fit. Get it on camera, get your friends in and filter it.

By doing this, you’ve stated that you have a social life and that he’s not the centre of your life. Although choose your besties wisely; a true player will be picking his next chase out of your crew.

Then give it two days, the hangover will pass, and I guarantee he’s in your inbox.



Don’t boredom text

Do not get yourself wound up in boredom texting. Boredom texting is when you’re in a lecture, or you’re doing work, maybe you’re eating, and you don’t really have anything to say you’re just … bored. You want to flirt not scream you have nothing better to do.

When they text you at 2am, don’t reply with a Snapchat of you in your bed sheets. You’re better than that so learn to tease and bring some enigma to the game. They love it.

Know what you want and what you’re after

You are in control. You’re both just in it to screw. If you’re not you’re going to get hurt. So check yourself. When their latest snap comes through, your heart flips and you can’t believe it worked. Stop. Of course it worked. Wash away the excitement and get back to whatever you were doing, then snap back at a time that is good for you. It’s not playing it cool, or playing games, it’s merely getting on with life.

Don't be this girl

Don’t be this girl

Play the games, obviously

The chase becomes real when you can see what you’re after. It’s fun to remind them how hot you are plus you’ll make him want you more. We’re here to fuck not fornicate. You show enough to make them curious, but you don’t have to reveal it all. These guys have a veracious appetite and just need to know that you are prime and on the menu. So tease, have fun, pout. Make him work. If he doesn’t then don’t let him waste your time. He’d be lazy in bed anyway.

Obviously it’s not all about sex. Sometimes temptation is enough, but it’s got to be first-rate. They have got to be thinking “If I was going to date I would pick you”. Otherwise you’re not playing a game, you’re being used – and there is a big difference.

Again please don’t get attached 

You have to be honest with him and honest with yourself. If you get a text with tonnes of disrespect, text back sass or just don’t reply. You’re not obliged to have a depreciating guy in your life. You can’t accept anything less than feeling like a goddess. I’m not saying he has to treat you like one, but you have to feel like one. He is a player and not your boy.

Remember your happiness is your prerogative so do not put it in his hands.