Cardiff Taxi Drivers plan to strike on two weekends in April

The strike follows a series of complaints and suspensions made in February

The strike is planned for April 15th and 16th, and on April 22nd and 23rd

Cardiff Hackney Drivers have announced they will strike between 12am and 4am on four dates in April due to unhappiness with a council crackdown on their performance.


The strike is in response to a submission of 90 complaints to the council which resulted in five driver’s suspension. The allegations were a refusal to collect lone students due to short fares following a series of sexual assaults. Subsequently Hackney Drivers have conveyed this is an unjust punishment and have announced they will go on strike.

Mathab Khan, The Chairman of the Cardiff Hackney Carriage Association announced:

‘Unless the full committee of Cardiff council ceases such malpractice with immediate effect and remove Councillor Jacqueline Parry and Dave Holland from their position immediately, we will be considering industrial action.’