Sex And The City

Lauren Chaplin – Don’t cry because it’s over…

LAUREN CHAPLIN ditches the serious but not the heart in this week’s column. Read on for talk of dactyls, trochees and Halfway Hall.

Sex and the Univer(City)

ROSA ROBSON talks about what being Carrie Bradshaw is like, and reveals whether your university years are best spent single.

Sex And The Shitty

TOM CROOKE on why it was appropriate to set ‘Sex and the City 2’ in Abu Dhabi.

Will McAdam

‘‘Would you like a date?’ purred the beautiful Arab servant in Sex and the City 2. Oh no wait, sorry, he was Indian. And that wasn’t a proposition, that was a plate of dried fruit.’

Slur Your Way Into Summer

Try out a new tipple with The Tab’s snazzy recipes for sophisticated drinks.

My Most Memorable New Years Eve Ever

New Year’s Eve: Love it or loathe it. Here’s a few extra-special reader experiences of the night itself.