james swanton

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

AMI JONES is tired at you all for being so good-looking all the time.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 7

Need some good misery to roll around in? Fear not, THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG will point the way.

Die Fledermaus

CUOS serves Strauss better than Bollinger for RUTH MARINER

Interview: Simon Callow

A meeting of minds. JAMES SWANTON serves up the theatrical fruits of half an hour with the hallowed Callow.


AMI JONES makes entirely appropriate dick jokes in the course of reviewing the Marlowe Society’s May Week effort.

Pickwick & Nickleby

CAITLIN DOHERTY: “the frantic pacing gave the impression that Swanton was desperately standing in, armed only with a range of funny voices and hats.”