The Tab’s Alternative Prospectus

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Steer clear of Cindies

Why do we even bother

Sexy, Seductive and Stuck


Failure: A Sketch Show With a Chip on its Shoulder

EMILY MARR is entertained but slightly underwhelmed by a sketch show that has a lot of promise but just misses the mark

FAILURE: Dress Rehearsal Review

TED HILL reviews the dress rehearsal of new sketch show Failure


Deputy Editor JOHN BARDSLEY on how failure is your best option in week five.

Learning to Fail Better

Could “failure classes” teach us all a lesson?

Freshers 2011: Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

Scared by the confusing world of Cambridge? Let us show you the way. In Part 1, A-H.

3 Is The Magic Number

What do Zadie Smith, Hugh Laurie and WH Auden all have in common? ALICE BRINDLE and CHECK WARNER round up ten famous Oxbridge students who graduated with a Third.