classical music

REVIEW: R+J: a new interpretation of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet

Prokofiev’s ballet is stunningly performed and incredibly moving.

Birtwistle Concert Review

JONNY VENVELL finds this concert makes for impressive but difficult listening.

Mary of Egypt

DANIEL LEWIS developed something of a passion for this mystical production about the making of a saint

Mary of Egypt: Behind the Scenes

DANIEL LEWIS and TabTV meet the team who are bringing opera to Kings College Chapel

In Defence of Dumb Rap

It’s not all about lyrics and llamas, GIL KAZIMIROV argues – modern rap is as much about the language of the soul.

An American Evening

HARRY DADSWELL is impressed by the “Yankee swagger” of the CUMS Symphony Orchestra.

City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra

HARRY DADSWELL is charmed by a bunch of amateurs, and keeps a straight face for Brahms’ First Symphony.

Prokofiev Violin Concerto no. 1, Shostakovitch Symphony no. 7

Cambridge students play Soviet music just like real repressed citizens for TIM COOMBES. Strange…

Sibelius Violin Concerto & Shostakovich Symphony No. 5

CUSO don’t terrify TIM COOMBES.

Mozart Clarinet Quintet K.581

Oliver Pashley challenges childhood phobias for GUY JAMES

Tab Tries: Mixtape Society

Mixtape Soc will save you from cultural poverty, writes RUTH MARINER

Pierrot Lunaire

RUTH MARINER breaks the silence on one of Cambridge’s best-kept classical secrets: the CUMS free Lunchtime Concert Season.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 3

Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON cracks out her top cultural tips for the week. You love it.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 1

Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON gives you a good dose of all things cultural to cure your Freshers’ flu. Swallow it, it’s good for you.

Montague/Mead Piano Plus

JAMES WELLAND was impressed by the suitable ‘schizophrenia’ of this slightly repetitious concert.

Not So Clever Blogs

Do you find reading about classical music like wading through flowery bullshit? Click here anyway, and let ANTHONY FRIEND guide you to the blogs that use the power of the internet to make classical music criticism interesting for everyone.


JOE BATES was blown away very quietly by Joel Rust and David Troupes’s Nauset

New Music at Kettle’s Yard

Being unable to see the ballet left JOE BATES to blindly suffer a lunchtime of musical mediocrity.

Gig Guide: Week 2

The Tab brings you full listings of all things musical happening this week.

The Dream of Gerontius

ANTHONY FRIEND tells how, despite its lack of theatricality, The Dream of Gerontius a was compelling and sensitive performance.